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Happy New Year, and ramblings of a writing nature.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters I bring you good wishes for the start of another new year.  So much to look forward to (I'm ignoring the end of Leverage, it didn't happen alright?), more Supernatural and the hope that one day they get Dean’s shirt off.  New episodes of Arrow, safe in the knowledge they will get Oliver’s shirt off. Of course our beloved Doctor turns fifty this year, and he doesn’t look a day over 900 *G*.  Also I might just be getting hooked on the new show Ripper Street, go on take a look it’s plenty dark and will hopefully get more gruesome as the series progresses.

So why am I here, I hear the crickets ask. Well while I have the chance to actually post something on Live Journal, I thought I would ponder my writing goals for the year.

I’ve decided and I want you to keep me to this, not to attempt the Big Bang this year (ha right!) No it’s because I want to concentrate on my other ongoing know the ones I mean right?  I’m determined to finish them, and write other time stamps and stories along the way without a deadline hanging over my head.

Also as a new year's resolution, I promise to be more visible, answer peoples posts and generally annoy the crap out of friends *G*

In the spirit of that attitude today I wandered over to my.... I suppose it’s my sockpuppet account and made sure it didn’t get purged...... Ok call me crazy....I’ll wait for the shouting to die down, I’ve just had an idea.

Alright then, the first five people who can tell me what my other user name is, and what the title of my one and only entry on the journal was. I will write the fic of your prompting.  Hell I’ll even sit with you and figure out new and interesting ways to abuse Dean or Jensen if you like. Or even new horizons where there are other pretty guys to abuse.

So now I’m going to sit and twiddle my thumbs hoping that someone wants to play, and here’s a little clue to the name.  It's been used it in one of my fics, see if you can find it.

Good luck, and if you ask nicely I’ll give you another clue.

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