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07 January 2013 @ 01:27 pm
Who knew I'm a leader of Drawves!  
So I swipped this from stir_of_echoes And bloody hell fire! Really? ok who knew I was so damned heroic, mule headed, and ready to smack an Orc round the head with a lump of oak.  well colour me impressed, right that's it I'm off to get a raise, it should be easy after finding this out *G*

Your result for Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you?...

Thorin Oakenshield

53% Extroversion, 56% Intuition, 44% Attachment and 56% Organisation!

Congratulations, you are most like THORIN OAKENSHIELD, leader of the Company of Dwarves and heir to the lost throne of Erebor. You are a charismatic and strategic leader, motivated to instigate change. Your quick wit and ability to logically reason and understand systems and strategy help you turn these changes into reality. You set long-term plans to help you accomplish tasks, and can well articulate your intentions to others, gaining you loyal supporters.

Thorin desires to reclaim Erebor and restore his people to their former splendour. You are very driven in achieving your goals, which are typically quite ambitious. While you are a capable leader, you like to be in charge only when it becomes obvious that you are the best person for the job. You are very blunt and decisive in your plans, and can come across as critical or brusque to others who question the pursuit of your goals.

With the weight of his people’s expectations on his shoulders, Thorin often worries about the consequences of failing his quest – the loss of his line, his kingdom, and his people’s hope. You tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, setting especially high standards for yourself and your companions. Once you set a goal, you apply yourself 100% to its achievement. With your mind set so firmly on achieving your ends, you can often forget to consider the point of views of others, and the social cost of your quest.

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Somersomer on January 7th, 2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
Soooooo, after I laughed my ass off for minutes on end after I saw my result I showed my sister the result of my test and then she laughed for minutes on end, too!! After we calmed down we read through the description and were quite surprised how many details actually coincided (okay, and then we laughed some more). So, my fearless leader, here is my result (and don't laugh)...

Your result for Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you?...


25% Extroversion, 25% Intuition, 56% Attachment and 78% Organisation!

Congratulations, you are most like BOMBUR, brother to Bofur and cousin to Bifur, and chief cook for the Company. You are a committed and responsible person in all aspects of your life; you put great importance in fulfilling your duties especially when they involve taking care of others. You are quite comfortable working alone and when put in a group situation you tend to take on more than your share. You have a strong work ethic and like others to know how reliable and trustworthy you are. Your frugal dislike of wasting material resources means Bombur makes the most of every morsel of food.

Bombur brings much merriment to the Company – albeit occasionally at the expense of his girth and appetite. You take pride in creating good relationships with those around you and maintaining a harmonious group environment. Family is very important to you, and you look for deep long lasting connections. This orientation towards family bonds can make you seem quiet or shy to outsiders, as you prefer to spend time with close friends and relatives rather than large groups of strangers.

Despite his size, Bombur is a ferocious fighter when his friends (or his food) are threatened. Your loyalty and dedication to both your social and work life makes you an industrious caretaker of their safety, prepared to defend for what you care strongly about. However due to your unfaltering steadfastness, these commitments can sometimes be taken for granted by others.

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sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on January 8th, 2013 01:10 pm (UTC)
*Hugs* Well I'm still gobsmacked I got Thorin! I mean seriously have they met me?

But I refuse to shirk my duties as leader, we gather a few more then it's off to reclaim the kingdom. Or a scouting party to see if we can capture us a Jensen *G*