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03 February 2013 @ 04:15 pm
State of the dragon....part 1  

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, how are we this fine Sunday afternoon?  In an attempt to keep my writing (ha!) on track, I’m thinking of producing this little state of the dragon on the first Sunday of the month.  Now my problem isn’t writing....I’ll wait for the sniggering to stop, but the problem is actually finishing something. To prove a point.....

Over 7000 words of chapter 19 of the Fic O Doom, and still going

Over 6000 words for a first transformation Fic, of course it’s hurt Jensen why do you ask?

My non AU challenge is finished, *punches air* and is over 11000 words.  Now I’m cleaning it up ready to inflict it on my poor beta bigj52.

And did I ever mention the accident on set Fic I was writing that now stands at over 2000 words? Nothing too major, just the small matter of grave the boys are digging for a scene collapsing trapping Jensen. Not before he manages to push Jared to safety.

Plus my take on Sleeping Beauty, that’s also at 2000 words, just imagine it.  Jared cursed on his wedding day by his evil fairy wife (Sorry Genevieve I know you’re lovely, but the story needed a villain, and there is a kick ass black dress in it for you). With Jensen moping because it’s not him Jared’s married. Throw in Fairy Motherfucking Godfather Kane, with a pair of purple sparkly wings (“They used to be denim damnit, I never should cheated on Genevieve with that wood nymph).

Then of course there is the ever growing list of Fics I want to write, here goes:

Finish the Fic of Doom (goes without saying)

Finish Acolyte0301 (getting a theme here)

Finish my dragon transformation Fic (see above)

Write the two Fics I have promised to somer and ferrous_wheeler. As their reward for answering my question about my other user name.

Then of course there is the god porn Fic, which is now bloody evolving *heads desk* It’s no longer just simple porn, oh bloody no!  Now it’s become a variation on Eros and Psyche.  With a cast of my favourite guys as undercover Greek gods, oh and add Jared with a bloody great pair of wings and stir.

Plus more instalments of my bracelet verse.

And if that wasn’t enough I now have an idea bouncing round my head for Jared and Jensen being rivals on a musical.  A Broadway production of Jesus Christ Superstar (one of my favourite musicals), Jared has won the role of Jesus, but weeks into rehearsals Misha the director springs a surprise on the cast.  For six weeks of the run Jensen Ackles, star of stage and screen will share the role of Jesus with Jared. Between them they will alternate the roles of Jesus and Judas, just think Smash with testosterone, and loin cloths. Including a back story of a tragic love story, jealousy amongst the cast, and Kane as the butchest musical theatre actor on the planet (brought in by Misha to protect Jensen).

And at bloody last the story that has lurked around for a long time, and was pencilled in as a possible Big Bang!  Yes my Sci-Fi epic, with FBI agents, scientists, military intervention.  It even has a name, Prometheus.  Heroic Jared, kind caring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jensen caught in a nightmare not of his making, all because Jeffrey found a way to cure him of a terminal illness.

Now looking at that lot, I think I should go and lie down and gibber.  But you know what I intend to at least finish some of these.

So same time next month?  I’ll let you know how I’m getting along, that’s if I manage to crawl out of my corner *G*

Run now!

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Somersomer on February 3rd, 2013 06:51 pm (UTC)
Now my mouth is watering, so much awesome goodies (that sounds as if I want to eat Jensen, not that I would decline if he would stand in front of my door right now only covered in vanilla ice cream...and yes, I have a craving for vanilla ice cream right now! Mhm, random blah is random blah).

And the Fic of Doom. I want to read it so badly. How many chapters till the end? I need to know what day I have to hide in my place so that I can devour it!!

And Kane with a pair of purple sparkly wings? Oh my God, I need to read that!

AND THE GOD PORN FIC!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say to that subject...

And no pressure regarding my fic I want, I want, I want, there're so many other awesome stories ;) And I want to read it all because I know you'll hurt him good :D
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on February 3rd, 2013 07:46 pm (UTC)
Good glad to see you approve of this ramble. And now i have a craving for vanilla ice cream!

Right Fic of Doom, at least one maybe two chapters, and I swear there will be timestamps.

I know Kane with purple sparkly wings! Its too good not to.

Yeah the god porn! it's starting to develop a plot, what can you do?

I'll keep on writing away and the fic will turn up one day. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get Jared to apply some cream to an itchy Jensen.