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Lazy Saturday Afternoons, is it wrong to stab one's husband with a drawing pin?

So after hitting the sales,we crawled home to an afternoon of domestic bliss!

so as you see even kizzy was worn out

And so was my mum even though she did not come with us!

Now the grand total of sales purchases were a pair of really cool purple shoes, and some drawing pins to hang my Dean Winchester Calender.  So as i stood pondering on where to hang this wonderful piece of art where it will benefit me most.  Should it be where I can meditate in front of it before I go to work? naw I'd never make it out of the door.

so as I consideredthis important decison Steve decided to be helpful "Do you think we have a wall wide enough? you know, what with those bow legs, and did you hear that he is so bow legged, that when he went to cross them the other day he missed."  oh how we laughed just before I jabbed him with a pin!

Enough is enough there are only so many bow legged jokes I can take, it was the pin or a salt loaded shotgun, i'm telling you there isn't a court that would convict.
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