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13 March 2013 @ 07:14 am
The Jared Padalecki Guide To Romance, (1/1), NC-17, Jared/ Jensen.  
Title: The Jared Padalecki Guide to Romance.
Word Count: 11755.
Pairing/Character: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jared had gotten everything ready for the perfect romantic evening - beer, pizza and candlelight.  What could possibly go wrong?
Warnings: None, except excessive schmoop and a little Jensen abuse.
Disclaimer: Here be fiction, folks. This isn’t real nor is it meant to reflect the relationship between the two men, whose names and faces I’m borrowing.  This is my very own little take on reality or as I like to think of it now, the wrong trouser leg of time, where our universe and this one split apart and this universe is bathed in a rosy pink hue.
Author’s Notes:  Once again I’ve been scribbling and as always I have people I wish to thank.  First of all to bigj52, a beta without parallel who still puts up with me and tidies up my mess.  Now onto the other people I want to thank. To meesasometimes, my wonderful artist for this j2noauchallenge.  Much thanks and appreciation goes to aelia1980 for running the aforementioned challenge. I’ve had a great time writing this and I hope that you enjoy reading it.  As always, feedback is welcomed, and gratefully received.

Link to meesasometimes awesome art post here.


Jared swept into the lounge, his mind whirling, filled with inspiration from today’s scenes. They’d filmed Sam and Dean trapping Cas in a ring of holy fire. He decided to take Ben’s use of firelight, and how hot Jensen had looked in its glow as his muse. He’d been overcome with the need to do something romantic. He didn’t want to actually trap Jensen in a ring of flaming holy oil, but he wanted to try and recapture the ambiance of the scene. Besides, if he set fire to the carpet again, Jensen would kill him.

 Now he stood in the centre of the room surveying his canvas. Tonight he intended to woo and romance Jensen, show him how much he loved him. Of course if Jensen happened to end up naked, and covered in whipped cream in the process, then he’d count the night as a success. He’d talked Ben into letting him finish early, by offering himself totally to his and Sera’s less than tender mercies.

 Ben had only been too happy with the terms of the deal.  Jared had come home, knowing the terrible twosome would collect on his offer one day very soon. But all that mattered was he was going to be able do something romantic for Jensen tonight. And he was certain nothing was going to go wrong this time. He nodded decisively, moving swiftly, wanting to get set up before Jensen came home.

 First of all he pushed the couch back a little, and then he moved the coffee table. Now it sat in front of the fire, where it would allow him to appreciate the effect of the flames. Stage One complete, he headed for the bedroom in search of everything else he’d need to help set the mood.

The candles he wanted were hidden in his wardrobe. Jensen had tried to throw them all away after one of his last uses of mood-enhancing light.  Jared had quickly discovered that no matter how romantic making love in a room lit by dozens of candles was, nothing dampened the ardour quicker than the sight of the curtains catching fire.

 Jared couldn’t help but smile at the memory of a naked Jensen, leaping off the bed, ripping down the curtains, and smothering the flames.  It had been hot in more ways than one!  Jared had even offered to buy Jensen a firefighter’s uniform, or at least ‘borrow’ one from wardrobe.  But Jensen wasn’t playing fair.  He kept saying no, depriving him of a much-loved fantasy. He could still hear Jensen’s final words on the matter. “For the last time, Jay, I’m not dressing as a fireman so you can play with my hose.”

 Jared continued to rummage in the back of his wardrobe, searching for his emergency stash of candles - the ones that had managed to escape his other half’s purge. He thought it was unfair Jensen was so negative about candlelight, after all it had only been a small fire. Plus, Jensen had never really liked those curtains.

Jared knew he had to be careful about which scented candles to use from his collection. There was one particularly strong floral fragrance that gave Jensen a migraine. He’d discovered that the hard way.  After yet another long and bruising week on set, he’d filled the bathroom with candles and decided to share a bath with Jensen, just to help ease Jensen’s battered, aching body. He’d wanted to be a good boyfriend. Could he help it if there were fringe benefits?

The fringe benefits included the chance to grope....no, no, bathe Jensen, help soothe sore muscles. He’d even managed to ignore the whole, “Candles in the bathroom?  Seriously, Jay? Just ‘cause Kane calls me Jenny it doesn’t mean I’m a girl. You’ll want to paint my toe nails next.” He grinned playfully. “Although if the place catches fire, there’s plenty of water nearby.”

Jared swiftly shut Jensen up by tearing his clothes off, pushing him up against the wall, then giving him a blow job that turned Jensen’s knees to jelly. It helped Jared get his dazed boyfriend into the rose-petal-covered water without a fight.

As they’d sat in the oversized bath he’d turned Jensen to mush, as he gently soaped him all over. Suddenly Jensen groaned, clutched his head, complaining about the technicolor blizzard in front of his eyes.   Jared’s hope for a night of wild passionate sex vanished suddenly. Instead his evening had been spent sitting in a darkened bedroom, holding a bowl for Jensen to puke into. He’d held a cool damp cloth over Jensen’s eyes because they were going to explode.

 No, nothing like that was going to happen tonight. Everything was going to be perfect. He was certain of it. Jared found the candles and the fake fur throw Chad bought him as an aid to seducing Jensen.  He took one look at the purple phallic-shaped monstrosities that supposedly smelt of passion...i.e. sex, and shuddered.

He recalled Chad’s words of encouragement as he handed them over. “Listen, bitch, these fuckers are dynamite in the romance department.  Just ask all the ladies who’ve enjoyed my company.  Now for god’s sake, stop moping like a teenage girl. Get in there and screw pretty boy senseless.” Jared buried the candles at the back of the wardrobe, vowing to throw them out the next chance he got. But the throw was coming with him, it might be the only decent gift Chad had bought him.

He was never going to talk about the twelve-inch neon pink vibrator Chad bought Jensen. Chad had said it was a little something to keep Jensen company while Jared was filming Friday the Thirteenth. Jared remembered Jensen’s response. “Thanks, Chad, but I hate to tell ya, if it’s meant to replace Jay then it’s a little on the small side.”  Jared could still see the look of horror on Chad’s face, and even now he offered Jensen something soft to sit on whenever they met.

Jared staggered downstairs carrying the laundry basket, filled with everything he needed. He strategically placed the candles round the room, and made a phone call as he worked.  He just had a few more preparations to make, and the scene would be set for his evening with Jensen.

A little while later Jensen opened the front door, relieved they had finished almost on time for once, meaning he was home before midnight.  He slipped his jacket off and hung it up. Looking around there was no sign of life.  At first glance, downstairs appeared to be in darkness.   He called out. “Jay, where are you?”

“In here. Do you want a beer?” Jared called out.

Jensen smiled. A beer sounded awesome.  He walked into the lounge and was hit by two things.  First of all there was the stink...sorry, aroma of scented candles, which meant only one thing.  Jared was attempting to be romantic again.  He tensed, took a deep breath and relaxed when he remembered where he’d put the fire extinguisher. Secondly as the warm spicy smell of sandalwood washed over him, he was relieved that he wouldn’t need his extra-strength painkillers again. The room’s only illumination came from flickering candles and the fire.  He shrugged and reached for the light switch. “NO!”  Jensen snatched his hand away at Jared’s shout.

“Christ, Jay. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Did we have a power cut?” A thrill of apprehension ran through him. “Please don’t tell me you’ve been trying some home improvements again.”  Jensen sounded nervous, and his fingers tingled. He remembered Jared’s last attempts at home improvement. It had been an attempt to impress him with his home-making skills. Jared had put up a new light fitting.

When he’d touched the light switch there had been a blinding flash, a burning pain shooting up his arm then darkness.  He’d woken up halfway across the room, cradled in Jared’s arms. That would’ve been kind of enjoyable, if Jared hadn’t been shaking him frantically, threatening to call 911 if he didn’t wake up right now.

Jared appeared out of the darkness, holding two bottles of cold beer. He offered one to Jensen.  “No, I haven’t been doing any home improving.  Jeez, Jen, you get one little shock, and you threaten to call in an electrician whenever we need to change a light bulb.” Jensen quirked an eyebrow at Jared. “Ok, maybe it took two days for your hair to lie flat again afterwards. But at least the girls from hair and makeup saved a fortune on product for Dean’s hair. Come on. Let’s get you sat down, and I’ll get the food.”

 Jensen made to walk to the couch, ready to crash in front of the television. Instead Jared took him by the arm, and led him gently to the coffee table.

Jensen looked down. Now his eyes were becoming accustomed to the gloom...sorry, subdued lighting; Jared was being romantic here. That was when he realised that almost every cushion they owned was on the floor around the table.  He looked up at Jared’s hopeful beaming smile, rolled his eyes, and grinned, letting Jared show him to his ‘seat’.

Jensen settled himself; he was just getting comfortable when Jared returned with their meal.  Jensen laughed. “I gotta hand it to ya, Jay, ya sure know how to treat a guy.  I’m overwhelmed here.”  Jared placed the pizza box on the table and sat down. “What, no sushi? I thought we were going Japanese tonight. I’m kinda disappointed that you’re not wearing a kimono.” Jensen grinned, enjoying watching Jared as he attempted to sit at the table. Jared folded down until his knees were level with his ears; after some wriggling he managed to fold his long legs under the table.

 “No, we’re not going Japanese. There was no way I could ever compete with you in a kimono.” Jared smirked. “I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a little dance later?” Jensen snorted, and extended his middle finger.

Jared sighed in mock sadness. “Ahh well, never mind, and of course I know how to treat a guy.  It’s your favourite, a family sized meat feast with extra chilli. Now eat up, there’s another one in the kitchen.”  Jared grinned, flipped the box open, tore off a slice and handed it to Jensen.

So far all of Jared’s careful planning was paying off; he was keeping tonight simple.  Now as they were sat on the floor in front of the fire, it allowed Jared to be enthralled by the way the flames bathed Jensen with their warm tones.

The soft golden honeyed light made Jensen even more beautiful. The shadows clung to his eyelashes, making them impossibly long.  Jared watched Jensen’s eye lids flutter closed with pleasure as he ate, moaning in appreciation of the pizza. Jared wished he’d stop making those sounds.  If Jensen kept doing that, it was likely to result in the pizza being forgotten, and him being ravaged in front of the fire. Yes, it was how he intended the evening to end up, but he felt he ought to let Jensen get something to eat first. Just to help keep his strength up.

 Jared continued to eat, watching as Jensen went from enjoying the pizza, to acting like Dean dealing with a cursed object.  He wondered if Jensen was going to ask if there was any holy water in the house.

Jensen had kept a close watch on Jared through his eyelashes as he ate, and a horrifying thought struck him. He swallowed and asked warily. “Jay, it’s not our anniversary, is it?  Or an anniversary I should’ve remembered.  Because if that’s the case, I’m sorry and I’ll take us out for a meal tomorrow.”

Jared paused in his demolition of his third slice of pizza, and looked at Jensen as if he’d suddenly started babbling in Latin. “What are you on about?”

Jensen put his slice down and gestured round the room, “All of this - candlelight, beer, my favourite pizza.  I’m surprised you haven’t got soft music playing in the back ground. You know I’m lousy at remembering anniversaries.” Jensen winced, remembering what Jared had threatened to do to him last time he forgot. “No offence, Jay, but the thought of Property of Jared Padalecki as of March third two thousand and six tattooed on my ass is kind of terrifying.” Jensen shuffled, as if dispelling the phantom pain of the tattooist’s needle.

Jared realized what Jensen was getting at, and promptly hid the remote to the stereo.  He’d just been about to press play, filling the room with the sound of Jensen’s favourite singer.  It was time to reassure Jensen he wouldn’t need to stock up with ice packs and pillows to sit on.

Then Jensen clicked his fingers. “Ok, where it is?”  He began to closely inspect the slice of pizza he’d been eating, now deeply suspicious of the pepperoni-and-chilli-beef-laden slice.

Jared frowned, “Where’s what?”

“Well, if it’s not our anniversary, have you bought me a little something as a surprise?  Remember the last time you tried to give me a present?” Jensen lifted the slice towards the candlelight.

Jared groaned inwardly. “No, there’s nothing in there, I promise. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Jensen grinned, leant over and patted Jared on the shoulder. “It was a lovely thought, Jay, but you should’ve warned me though.”

“It was meant to be a surprise; it always works in the movies.”  Jared said with a pout.

“You know it always works in the movies. Slipping that ring into my favourite coffee fudge cake, I was lucky I didn’t choke on it.” Jensen said seriously, trying to fight the smile that threatened to appear.

“How the hell was I supposed to know you were gonna go all Dean on it?  The speed you ate it, I’m surprised there weren’t sparks coming off your spoon.”

 “Come on, Jay, you stood lurking with a gleam in your eye. I was just protecting my food.  I didn’t know you and Chad had been watching chick flicks again. I’m not sure what scared me most, almost choking or the prospect of you proposing to me. I half expected the Canadian Philharmonic Orchestra to appear and start serenading us.” Jensen laughed.

Jared shook his head and returned Jensen’s smile, “How many more times? Chad only watches porn, and what’s wrong with me proposing to you? I did try for the Philharmonic, but they were busy. Misha did offer his Tibetan throat singing though.”  Jared fell forward and sobbed. “That’s it! You don’t love me anymore. I knew it - you’re leaving me for Mark Shepherd. You’ve fallen for his accent, sharp wit and the fact finally there is someone on set shorter than you.” He sniffed, and collapsed across the table, carefully avoiding the open pizza box.

Jensen sat forward and took hold of Jared’s hand, and said in a sincere voice, “Jared, love of my life, my angel, hottest moose on the planet.  How could I ever leave you for Mark? You know how much I love being the short one in the relationship. Also I’d never be able to afford the lifts for all his shoes just to keep it that way.”

The two men stared lovingly into each other’s eyes. Finally Jared couldn’t stand it any longer and he broke down laughing.  “Ok, I get it. Next time I want to be nice and show how much I love you, I’m not going to hide your present in your favourite food.”

Jensen nodded, “That’s good to hear, but I don’t think there’s enough cake in the world to hide a nineteen-sixty-seven Impala, or a new set of golf clubs in.  But it would be fun watching you try.  And I promise that if you ever propose, I’ll be overcome with joy, and weep tears of happiness as I say yes.” He tore himself another slice of pizza and started to eat.

Jared joined him in another slice and as he started to chew, he said, “You know I would never propose while we’re on the show. I don’t think we would be able to stand every fan girl in the cosmos, and Misha all screaming at the same time, ‘we knew it'!”

Jensen nodded then glanced round the room again. “Ok, so if it’s not an anniversary, or you about to declare your undying love by whipping out your huge...ring, what’s all this for?”

“Nothing, really. I was just trying to be romantic.”  Jared blushed a little under Jensen’s close scrutiny. He might as well confess now and get it over with. “What can I say? You looked hotter than hell on set today.”

Jensen tried to figure out what Jared was going on about, then he understood.  He looked round at the candles and the fire blazing merrily, “Ahh, I get it. Are you trying to say I look better in the dark?  I know I’m getting old and wrinkled.  But really, suggesting I look better in low lighting.... I’m wounded, Jay.”  He folded his arms and pouted at Jared, his eyes growing wide and sorrow filled.

Jared started to panic, no...Crap, that wasn’t what he was trying to say, “No, Jen, that’s not what I meant at all.  It’s just the firelight brought out the colour of your eyes; they were such a beautiful shade of green. And the flames highlighted your hair. You know they keep saying you’re blonde but they never see the red in your hair.  You looked stunning today, Jen and I just wanted to recapture that. I never meant to upset you....and why are you laughing?”  Jared narrowed his eyes as Jensen threw back his head, and roared with laughter.

“Jay, you idiot. I got the hint when you stood there drooling.  I thought the effects guys were gonna throw you off set after you nearly put the holy fire out twice.  And how the hell can gas-propelled flames be sexy?  The first time they fired up, they nearly took mine and Misha’s eyebrows off.”

Jensen leant forward again looking worriedly at Jared, “Jay, are we going to have to keep you away from the makeup girls again? Or ban you from reading Cosmopolitan.  And my eyes are stunning by firelight! The way things are going you’re gonna leap over the table, and want to make love in front of the fire on a fur rug.” Jensen stopped when he saw Jared’s expression change.  Suddenly his boyfriend was looking more than a little furtive, and trying desperately not to look at the couch.

Jensen studied the offending item of furniture; the cushions looked out of place.  He should have known he’d spent a long time making certain they were just right.  Yes, he knew it was a little OCD, but he hated things being out of place.  Jensen smirked, got up and went to the couch, lifting a cushion to find a bottle of lube and a condom.  He moved another one and found the faux fur throw. “Oh, now there’s a blast from the past.  Jay, just promise me you haven’t got those damn candles out that Chad bought you at the same time.  What were they called?”  He thought for a few seconds, “That’s it - Passions Promise. More like Hellhound Halitosis.”  Jensen looked over his shoulder and grinned wickedly. “Does that mean I’m gonna get lucky tonight? And there I was thinking, you were just going to sit holding me in your arms while you read love poetry to me.”

Jared went bright red as he got to his feet, and joined Jensen by the couch. Jensen turned around, pulled him forward, kissing him lightly on the lips. He took Jared’s hand, pulled him to the floor and they sat with their backs against the couch.

“So we’re having a romantic evening together. Should I put the local ER on standby? You have to admit, Jay, your attempts at romance are never boring.  Occasionally they’re a danger to life and limb. But they’re never boring,” he said with a grin, sliding his hand beneath Jared’s T- shirt. His fingers stroked back and forth gently across smooth skin.

Jared folded his arms and sulked, trying not to respond to how Jensen was stroking his stomach. “What’s wrong with me being romantic? And what did you mean my attempts at romance are a danger to life and limb? You didn’t actually choke on that ring, it just made you cough a little.”  Jared looked at Jensen as if he’d just confiscated all his candy, and told him to eat his greens.

Jensen grinned. “I’m sorry, Jay, and I’m looking forward to whatever you have planned for tonight.  Now, shall we get on with the romance?” He turned and straddled Jared’s lap, bending forward, kissing him hard.  His tongue swept over the younger man’s lips until they parted, allowing his tongue to slip inside.

 Jared wrapped his arms round Jensen. As he held him he took the chance to run his fingers lightly over Jensen’s ribs making him squirm. He continued down, his goal, Jensen’s gorgeous ass. Jared’s hand skimmed over it lightly then squeezed gently. It made Jensen groan and rock against him. Jensen broke the kiss, resting his forehead against Jared’s shoulder, breathing hard as Jared continued to caress his ass, and palm his dick through his jeans.

Finally Jensen sat back, and started to undo Jared’s shirt with a smile on his face, “Remember when you arranged that romantic weekend away at that secluded cabin by a lake?”  Jensen said, focusing his attention on the shirt as he pushed it down Jared’s arms, tugging impatiently at the material.

Jared ducked his head and grimaced. How the hell could he forget that little fun fest?  A rare weekend off, and everything had been perfect. They’d gone for a picnic by the lake, classic romance. The food was wonderful, he’d made certain of that by getting it from a local restaurant. He wasn’t going to risk poisoning them with his cooking.

After the picnic he’d suggested they went skinny dipping, all part of his romantic plan. It had meant he’d had to cover every inch of Jensen in sun block, purely to protect his delicate skin from the sun. And so what if he’d used half the bottle on Jensen’s ass? It was a part of Jensen very dear to his heart. “Jen, I’m sor...”  Jared didn’t finish what he was saying when Jensen leant forward and kissed him again.

Jensen pulled away and took hold of Jared’s T-shirt. “Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful weekend. Believe me when I say you looked spectacular in your bathing costume. It was a shame about the jellyfish though.”  Jensen grinned as he attacked Jared’s t-shirt, tugging it up over the firm body, intent on getting him naked as quickly as possible.

Jared groaned and let his head fall back onto the couch.”How the hell can I ever forget the jellyfish?”  There had been a freaking flock, herd, whatever the hell an invasion force of the damn things was called. “I had no idea there were fresh water jellyfish. They never tell you that shit on Discovery.”

Jensen patted Jared’s now naked shoulder before placing a soft kiss on it. “It was just our luck to find out the hard way. Who knew they liked Canada?” He turned and sucked gently on Jared’s neck, hearing him moan softly.

As Jensen’s lips brushed against his neck, Jared recalled the moment the perfect weekend had changed.  They’d swum out into crystal-clear water, splashing about, enjoying the moment.  Then Jensen had reached over, and ducked his head under the water before swimming away speedily.  Jared had given chase, hearing Jensen laughing as he spluttered and flailed behind him.

Suddenly the laughter stopped as Jensen swum right into the middle of the damn jellyfish. Even now Jared could still hear Jensen’s pained scream as he was stung.

Jared shuddered and tensed at the memory, his arms tightening around Jensen, pulling him closer. Jensen knew what was going through Jared’s head. “You know I never did tell you, you fulfilled one of my fantasies that day.”

Jared looked at him like he’d gone mad. “You never told me that one of your fantasies was to be almost stung to death by jellyfish.  At least I got something right...”

Jensen sighed, and looked Jared in the eye. “I’ve told you before it wasn’t your fault.  Ok, I’m going to embarrass myself here, just to prove to you your romantic weekend was a success. Well, apart from the jellyfish of course.” He blushed and looked down, then lifted his eyes to Jared. He took a deep breath. “I’ve always had a thing about lifeguards, and seeing you swimming towards me, all determined to rescue me was kind of hot.” He waited for Jared’s reaction.

Jared’s face lit up with a smile. “Oh my god, you’ve got a Baywatch kink! Oh, that’s it, I’m breaking out the red swim shorts.  So I impressed you with my rescue skills then?”

Jensen lay with his head on Jared’s shoulder as he held him tight. When he lifted his head he was bright red with embarrassment, “Yes, alright, Hoff, I’ve got a Baywatch kink, but I couldn’t let you swim into the middle of the damn things.”

Jared sighed. “It did kinda ruin the whole macho rescue when you waved me away, and swam clear yourself.  If I’d been the Hoff, I’m sure my armour-plated tan, and super hair would’ve protected me.”

“I wasn’t going to let you get stung too, so deal with it, Sasquatch.” Jensen blushed a deeper shade of red as he continued. “I might’ve got turned on a little by the way you towed me back to the beach, then carried me out of the surf. All that was missing was the slow motion running. It helped take my mind off the stings, that and the salad dressing.”

Jared rolled his eyes. “Oh, don’t remind me about the salad dressing. There you were looking like an overdone lobster, and I was on the phone to the ER asking for help.”  Jared closed his eyes, remembering his panic-stricken call for help to see what he could do to ease Jensen’s pain.

Jensen brought Jared back to the present when he laughed, and slowly trailed his fingers down Jared’s chest, making him whimper softly. “Look on the bright side. At least you didn’t have to re-enact Friends.  Who knew vinegar works? Thank god the dressing was heavy on the balsamic vinegar.  Even now I still can’t look a salad in the eye.”

“Well, it looks like we’ll have to stick to junk food, and gummi bears. But I promise you, tonight there won’t be any jellyfish. I checked the bath in case we wanted to clean up later or I could offer to rescue you from the deep end of the bath. Just let me break out the shorts and I’m good to go. How’s that for romance?” Jared smiled down at Jensen.

Jensen winked, sat back then started to undo his own shirt, “Does that mean you’ll be trying some more role play then?” His fingers slowed, then stopped.

Jared saw the thoughtful look in Jensen’s eyes as a smirk appeared. He groaned again. “Oh please, not that, anything but that.”  Jared put his hands over his face, and then slid them up into his hair. He winced when he found the permanent reminder of his last attempt at role play.

Jensen laughed freely, his face lighting up as he threw his head back. Jared enjoyed the sight as the pulsing light of the fire accentuated Jensen’s lean body, and slender throat. Jared suddenly wanted to sit up and lick it.

 Jensen stopped laughing as he slowly eased his own button-down off his shoulders.  He looked into Jared’s eyes and leant forward, his lips hovering just above Jared’s.  Jared sat forward chasing them, wanting another taste of the man he loved.

Jensen smiled. “How could I ever forget your attempt at swashbuckling romance?  I should never have said I thought Johnny Depp was hot as Captain Jack Sparrow.  I totally blame myself for what happened,” a mirth-filled glint in his eyes.

Jared rolled his eyes and grumbled. “That’s it. Mock me when I’m down. Look, can I help it if you were channelling Dean facing down a nest of vampires?  Jen, you damn near killed me.”  Jared whined at his boyfriend and then whimpered as he watched Jensen strip off his T-shirt. He slowly ran his hands down his own body, stroking his nipples to hardness and smirking when Jared licked his lips, and made a needy sound in his throat.

Jensen stopped teasing Jared, and reached for his belt, looking contrite. “Be honest, Jay. Can you honestly tell you you’d have done things differently? I’m just glad I realized who you were before I tried for a hole in one.” He grinned in triumph as he pulled the belt free, and dropped it on the floor.

Jared took hold of Jensen’s hips and ground up against him, making Jensen shiver as Jared’s hard cock rubbed against his. Jensen dropped his hand over the bulge in Jared’s jean, and stroked lightly.

Jensen nipped Jared’s ear and said breathily, “Jay, you climbed the drain pipe dressed as Captain Jack with a rose between your teeth. What the hell was I supposed to think?”

 Jared sat up and nuzzled Jensen’s neck, his hand sliding down the waistband of his jeans. His fingers glided over the curve of Jensen’s ass. “That a handsome stranger was coming to ravage you until you were a sated puddle of goo. Not a mad axe murderer coming to kill you.” Jared muttered into Jensen’s neck, hissing softly when Jensen scratched lightly at his nipples. “I sure as hell wasn’t expecting you to try and cave my head in with a golf club.”

Jensen pulled back slightly, his green eyes dancing in the firelight, “Jay, you’d tripped the circuit breaker so the house was in darkness.  All I saw was an unidentified moose trying to break into our home.” Jensen was trying not to laugh at Jared as he explained. “I was just trying to protect the man I loved from being savagely attacked by an armed lunatic.”

Jared waved his arms in frustration. “I wasn’t armed, it was a goddamn rose!  I had plans for that rose too, it never stood a chance. You came hurtling out of the dark, screaming like a freaking banshee, waving your putter at me.  And then you trampled it underfoot before I had chance to sweep you into my arms and....”

 “What? Offer to let me walk your plank?  I shudder to think what you were going to do with that rose, and it wasn’t my putter, it was a nine iron.” Jensen caught the flailing hands in an attempt to stop Jared knocking him out with an enthusiastic arm gesture.

 “How many more times do I have to say sorry for hitting you?  I managed to divert the swing; you only needed a couple of stitches.  All the nurses in the ER thought you were hot.  Thank god we managed to convince them you’d been at a fancy dress party.” He brought Jared’s hand to his lips, kissing the knuckles and then sucking gently on his thumb by way of apology.

Jensen heard a loan desperate moan from Jared. He let go of the thumb and grinned wickedly. “But be honest, the bed baths were fun, and all the time I spent mopping your fevered brow. And I know you loved the breakfasts in bed as well.”

A wide smile appeared on Jared’s face at the memory. “Breakfast in bed was good. You, serving it naked was even better.  It almost made up for the bald patch makeup had to hide for months.”

 Jensen leant forward and nibbled Jared’s ear again, feeling the younger man writhe under him. He whispered huskily, “I’m still sorry about missing the chance to experience you in guy liner. Now, why don’t you put your latest romantic master plan into action for me?  I promise I’m not armed this time.”

Jensen inched backwards. He stood in front of Jared and slowly began to strip, kicked off his boots and started to sway.  Jensen moved sinuously, his hands roaming over his body, skimming lightly down his chest and palming at his denim-clad dick, stroking it. His tilted his head back and moaned softly, running his tongue over his lips.

Jared’s jaw dropped open. Shit, it was one of the most erotic things he’d ever seen.  He watched Jensen move to a rhythm only he could hear. The soft light from the fire and the candles cascaded over his firm body, the flickering shadows enhancing the seductive moves Jensen made.

Jared reached behind him feeling for something on the couch, grinning in triumph when found what he was searching for.  He moved onto his hands and knees, and began to crawl towards Jensen.  Jared came to a halt, kneeling in front of him, his hands sliding up his legs and coming to rest on his hips. “It looks like I got my dance after all. Isn’t this supposed to be my romantic night?  Can’t let you steal my thunder now, can I?”  Jared leant forward and gently kissed Jensen’s toned stomach.  He continued to pepper the smooth skin with feather-light touches, kissing his way to Jensen’s navel.  With a grin he flicked his tongue into it, making the man in front of him squirm and laugh.

Jared’s hands moved towards Jensen’s belt, tugging it open. His lips blazed a trail downward to the top of Jensen’s right hip. He sucked, licked then bit down a little harder, listening to Jensen moaning softly above him, as he staked his claim on him.

Jared sat back admiring the mark he had branded onto Jensen’s freckled skin, his fingertips playing gently over the red mark.  He glanced up to see Jensen’s eyes closed, his teeth worrying his full lip. Jared couldn’t help but smile at the sight; he turned his attention to the button of Jensen’s jeans. A matter of seconds later, he was easing the soft worn denim down muscular thighs.

Jared moved forward again and this time his target was the other hip, sucking and biting.  A voice above him croaked out, “And you say I’m OCD. What’s with the matching hickies?” Jensen gasped raggedly as Jared blew cool air across the reddened mark.

Jared leant back and smiled broadly. “I hate leaving a job half done. Now hush, I’m busy.”  He went back to tracing Jensen’s freckles with his tongue as he sucked at one of his favourite groups of freckles. Jared pulled down Jensen’s boxers, and eased the garment off his legs. He took a moment to admire Jensen’s dick as it sprung free of the boxers, making his mouth water with desire.

As Jared stripped him, Jensen ran his fingers though his thick hair. Jared’s gentle manhandling was keeping him off balance, and before he had a chance to regain his equilibrium, he gasped in shock.  He felt the firm wet pressure of Jared’s tongue, as he licked his cock from base to tip. “Jesus Christ, Jay, what....” the words died and a low moan escaped when Jared wrapped his lips around the head and his tongue flicked in the slit.  Jared’s head dipped lower, and his tongue pressed gently on the sensitive glans beneath the head.  He hummed happily when Jensen rocked his hips forward slowly.

As he distracted Jensen with his mouth, Jared flicked open the bottle of lube he’d picked up. He poured the viscous liquid over his fingers.  Continuing to torment Jensen with his mouth, his hand inched up Jensen’s thigh, the light touch making him shiver with pleasure. Jared held Jensen’s balls in his hand, rolling them gently, fingernails teasing over his perineum. Jared looked up and saw Jensen biting his lip as he tried to stay quiet. His fingers glided further back and slowly circled Jensen’s puckered entrance, tormenting him with fleeting pressure.  Jared continued to tease him, feeling Jensen tremble, until finally he slid his fingertip inside gently, hearing a whimper above him.

Jensen panted as Jared slowly sucked and licked at his dick. There was just the right amount of pressure from that talented mouth, and the slightest scrape of teeth that nearly made his knees buckle. At that moment when Jared pushed his lubed finger inside of him, he felt the stretch and burn as it slipped deeper, brushing lightly over the small bundle of nerves that sent tiny shocks of pleasure fluttering up his spine, making his skin tingle. Jared carried on lightly stroking that spot over and over and he could barely draw enough air to breathe, let alone beg Jared not to stop.

Jared eased his finger out and when he pushed back inside there were two fingers. Jared twisted them stretching the tight, smooth channel, feeling Jensen tense as his breath came in short gasps. Jensen’s fingers were tangled in his hair pulling at it gently.  He pulled off Jensen’s engorged cock; he didn’t want him to come just yet.  He had plans for the man swaying slowly in front of him, and he was just getting started.

“Fuck! What did you stop for, Jay?”  Jensen rasped, his voice hoarse from moaning.  Jared smirked and pushed a third finger inside, teasing him open.  His fingers brushed maddeningly over the bundle of nerves, forcing another deep moan from him.  Jensen’s legs shook with effort as Jared brought him ever closer to the brink of orgasm.  He felt Jared’s fingers being pulled out, and he grumbled at the feeling of emptiness, “Jay, please, don’t stop. I’m so fucking close.”

Jared rose to his feet and pulled Jensen into his arms, kissing him passionately, his hands roaming over Jensen’s body as they kissed.  He felt Jensen melt against him as his fingers flowed across broad shoulders, slowly moving down his back, following the arch of his spine.  Jared’s smile became predatory as he changed his hold on Jensen. He swept him into his arms, laughing when Jensen squawked in surprise.

Jensen wrapped his arms round Jared’s neck instinctively as his feet left the floor; he looked into a pair of amused hazel eyes.  He returned a heated look, batted his eyelashes and purred seductively, “Didn’t you say something about ravaging me until I was a sated puddle of goo? Well, come on, then, or are you just talk?”  Jensen threw the challenge down, waiting to see if Jared would take the bait

Jared raised an eyebrow, and leered at the man in his arms. “Why yes, my pretty, I fully intend to turn you into a puddle of goo.  Prepare to be ravaged.”

Jensen laughed as Jared put him down and walked to the couch. He returned and with a flourish placed the fur throw in front of the fire. Jared swept Jensen back into his arms, carrying him over to the throw. Jared lowered them carefully to the floor.  As he managed not to drop Jensen, he silently thanked all the time he spent in the gym.  No way was he adding to his list of romantic disasters tonight.

This time he was confident nothing was going to go wrong, tonight he would prove once and for all he was capable of romance.  A romantic gesture that didn’t involve a trip to the ER for one of them, or included a visit from a locksmith as happened on one memorable occasion.  He still blushed whenever they produced handcuffs on set.

He fully intended to worship every inch of Jensen’s body, appreciate its beauty and strength. And yeah, play dot to dot with Jensen’s freckles. Jared stood up and enjoyed the way Jensen was laid out on the throw like an early birthday present. A present he really wanted to play with, he prepared to take off the rest of his clothes.  As he did, Jensen stretched himself out on the throw, sighing and wriggling on the soft material.

Jensen looked up at his other half, and decided to encourage him to get naked a little faster. He continued to move, enjoying the way the fur felt against his skin. He arched his body a little, displaying his toned form in all its glory, happy that all his hard work in the hated gym had paid off handsomely, if the awestruck, lust-filled expression on Jared’s face was any indication.

 Jared’s mouth watered as he pulled at his jeans and boxers, forgetting he still wore his boots.  His jeans became tangled in his boots, and he flailed around, trying not to fall flat on his face as he tugged frantically at the boot.  He heard laughter and looking up he could see Jensen lying propped up on his elbows, his head tilted to one side.

“Is this some new mating ritual you’re trying out, Jay? The mating dance of the lesser spotted American Sasquatch? Don’t stop. It’s a real turn on.”

Jared grinned triumphantly when the boot he was tugging at came off.  He threw it into the gloom and flinched when he heard a crash. But he didn’t care, he was on a roll. The other boot came off more easily, and soon his jeans, boxers and socks were gone.

He smirked at Jensen and struck a pose, flexing his biceps, kissing one then the other.  His smile was so broad, his dimples cast shadows of their own. “So my moves are a turn on, then? Oh baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Part 2
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