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13 March 2013 @ 07:12 am
The Jared Padalecki Guide To Romance, (1/1), NC-17, Jared/ Jensen.  
Title: The Jared Padalecki Guide to Romance.
Word Count: 11755.
Pairing/Character: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jared had gotten everything ready for the perfect romantic evening - beer, pizza and candlelight.  What could possibly go wrong?
Warnings: None, except excessive schmoop and a little Jensen abuse.
Disclaimer: Here be fiction, folks. This isn’t real nor is it meant to reflect the relationship between the two men, whose names and faces I’m borrowing.  This is my very own little take on reality or as I like to think of it now, the wrong trouser leg of time, where our universe and this one split apart and this universe is bathed in a rosy pink hue.
Author’s Notes:  Once again I’ve been scribbling and as always I have people I wish to thank.  First of all to bigj52, a beta without parallel who still puts up with me and tidies up my mess.  Now onto the other people I want to thank. To meesasometimes, my wonderful artist for thisj2noauchallenge.  Much thanks and appreciation goes to aelia1980 for running the aforementioned challenge. I’ve had a great time writing this and I hope that you enjoy reading it.  As always, feedback is welcomed, and gratefully received.

Link to meesasometimes awesome art post here


Jensen giggled at Jared’s antics, his head falling back, exposing his throat. Jared felt he just had to get down there and smother it with kisses.  After an invitation like that, it would’ve been rude not to. He dropped to his knees and quickly covered Jensen’s body with his. He heard muttering. “Ouch. Damn, your ass is heavy, Padalecki. If you want to impress me, don’t squash me.”

Jared was busy sucking gently on Jensen’s neck, enjoying the way he squirmed under him.  Jared lifted his head, “Heavy?  I’ll have you know this is prime Texan Beef, pardner!  Now are you going to let me ravish you, or are you just gonna lie there complainin’.”  Jared’s voice was low and heady, with the sounds of home.  His lips brushed gently against Jensen’s neck, reveling in the effect he was having on the other man.  Jensen shivered when he felt the hot heavy weight of Jared’s erection digging into him as he rutted against him.

Jensen moaned and arched into Jared’s touch. God, what was he doing to him?  His whole body felt as if it was on fire, nerve ends tingling every time Jared’s hot breath flowed over his skin. It left him feeling raw and vulnerable, and loving every moment of Jared’s teasing.  He managed to pull himself together enough to smirk, “Prime Texan Beef, hey?”  He reached out and grabbed Jared’s ass, making him squeak with surprise. “I’m just hankerin’ after some rump.  We doin’ this, or you gonna talk pretty to me all night?” He quickly nipped at Jared’s ear, and felt the rumble of laughter in Jared’s chest.

Jared eased out of Jensen’s embrace and slid down his body, taking his time to caress, kiss and stroke every inch of silky skin he could reach.  He started with Jensen’s nipples, concentrating on the tight little brown nubs.  He flicked his tongue over them grazing them with his teeth, biting down lightly.

Jared moved further down, feeling Jensen quivering as he carried on touching and tasting. Good, he was driving Jensen wild, just as he hoped he would. He lingered once more by his favourite freckles clustered just above Jensen’s left hip, licking and blowing gently over the damp skin.  He could hear Jensen becoming breathless, and the trembling increased.  Jared smiled. Damn, he was good. Just wait until they got to the main event. Jensen was going to be convinced he was a sex god.

As Jared had been taking the long way down his body, Jensen became aware of a tightening in his chest and a scratchy sensation in his throat.  His eyes shot open. Oh shit, no, it couldn’t be, could it? He’d gone through every piece of furniture in the house, and some of Jared’s more ‘exotic’ sweaters. He was sure he’d removed every item that could contain even a minute trace of his Kryptonite. He still felt a little guilty about Jared’s favourite pink sweater.  After he’d boiled and washed it, it had shrunk to a size only a Ken doll could wear.  But it had been a matter of life and death.  Well, more a matter of a nasty case of hives, and swelling up like a balloon. But he knew this feeling only too well.

Jensen gasped loudly as Jared wrapped his hand round his cock, pumping it slowly. At the same time he seemed to be trying to swallow his balls.  Any other time he would’ve screamed the house down in ecstasy, before composing a prayer of thanks for his boyfriend’s talents. But there was a medical emergency going on here, and he was at a loss how to get Jared’s attention.

Jared was happy in his work, certain that for once everything was going smoothly. By the way Jensen was gasping for air and shivering, he was sure he was about to launch Jensen into sexual Nirvana.  He knew all those hours taking to Misha about yoga and tantric sex would pay off.  There was no lotus position involved, and seriously who the hell had five hours to spare? Then he remembered trying the lotus position, and how it had taken Jensen and Misha the best part of ten minutes to unknot his legs.  But he knew a thing or two about what buttons to press on Jensen, and judging by the way his skin had flushed and his mouth was opened in a silent scream, he’d just hit the jackpot.

Sweat ran into Jensen’s eyes, making them sting, and he wheezed loudly. Ok, there was no doubt now. He had to get off the damn rug. He tried to call out to Jared but with the tightness in his chest no sound came out.  He desperately reached out, and his fingers caught Jared’s hair.  He gripped it tightly and pulled urgently.

Jared felt the tugging on his hair. He grinned, got to his knees and crawled back up Jensen’s body. He came face to face with Jensen and purred, “Wow, talk about bossy. You want to get on with the lurve now?”  He frowned slightly - there was something wrong; Jensen’s face looked a little swollen.  Before he had a chance to say something, Jensen wrapped his arms round him. Then he found himself being flipped over.

With a desperate surge of strength, Jensen managed to roll the two of them off the fur throw.  They came to a tangled halt when they hit the coffee table. Jensen panted against Jared’s chest as he found himself on top of the younger man. Jared grinned at him. “Talk about taking control! Ok, you can ravish me if you want.  I promise not to scream too much.....Jensen, are you ok?”

Jared’s laughter died away when he looked closely at the man lying on him. Even in the limited light he could see Jensen’s eyes were closing and his lips looked swollen.  In fact they were bordering on Botox overdose and working in this industry he’d seen his fair share of those.

“Jensen, what’s wrong?”  Jared suddenly felt nervous, and everything had been going so well.

Jensen licked his lips. Great, they felt like sausages. He managed to croak out, “Allergy... need...”

The next thing he knew, Jared had flipped them back over and was kneeling above him.  Godamnit, he was back on the throw again.

“Shit, Allergic? Oh my god, what do you need? Do you have an Epi pen?” Jensen shook his head. Jared stood up and ran to the light switch. He turned on the light and spun round. “It’s ok. I’ll get my pants and take you to the ER....”  He hurtled past Jensen, panicking, only to be brought to a stop as Jensen rolled off the throw, lunged for his ankles and held them tightly.

Jared dropped to his knees and pulled Jensen into a kneeling position, “What’s wrong?  Talk to me! Or signal or something.” Jared babbled as he pulled the wheezing man into his arms.

Jensen rolled his eyes as he was crushed to Jared’s muscular chest. Normally he’d enjoy this position but right now his back felt as if it was on fire, and his skin was about to peel off.  He lifted a shaking hand, and smacked Jared hard across the back of the head.

“Ow! What did you do that for? I’m only trying to help.” Jared loosened his hold as Jensen managed to ease himself back a little.

Jensen shook his head, lifted his other hand and pointed to the throw. “Signal?  Do I look like Lassie?  I need to know what that’s made of...”  His voice was hoarse and his breathing rattled harshly.

Jared moved towards the throw trying to find a label, “What? Do you think it’s the throw?”  He winced when Jensen rolled his eyes, and shot him a look that suggested he was sleeping on the couch for the next year. He desperately searched the material for a label, talking rapidly as he did.

“What the hell can you be allergic to on a rug? Shit, it’s not real fur, is it?  Oh my god, my membership of PETA will be revoked. I’ll never live it down.  I’ll fucking kill Chad if the moron bought me a real fur rug.”  He heard a disgruntled wheeze. “Ok, I’ll kill him for buying a rug that could be about to kill my boyfriend.”

“‘M not dying, doofus. Just itchy.  I’ve gotta go and get my antihistamine pills and cream as soon as I’m sure. But if you want I’ll let you kill Chad, if it will make you feel better.” Jensen managed a smile when Jared nodded seriously, and went back to looking for the label.

At last Jared came across a tiny scrap of material in the corner. “Got it. Ok, not real fur. Thank fuck for that.  How about polyester? So that’s why you only wear cotton briefs, and there was me thinking it was all because of Dean’s tight jeans.”  Jared watched Jensen’s eyebrow flick upwards. “Ok, not polyester. All there is now is wool and angora.”

He heard a groan. “Aw shit, I knew I should’ve checked the flea-bitten thing. I started to itch the first time I saw it.  Then you threw it to the back of the wardrobe, and I forgot all about it.  My own damn stupid fault.”

Jared frowned and thought about what Jensen was saying. It couldn’t be wool, not with Jensen’s collection of sweater vests.  Then the answer dawned on him. “You’re allergic to angora?  I always thought you just had a horror of fluffy sweaters.” He grinned, then heard that rasping breathing again and his smile dimmed.

“Shit, Jen, what can I do to help you?”  Jared was channelling Sam when trying to get Dean to open up, and talk about his feelings.  All concern and furrowed brow, his eyes reaching bambiesque proportions.

Jensen looked at the forlorn figure holding the throw. “Come on, before you start clutching me to your manly chest again, and start weeping over me.  Like I said I just need my pills, a shower and then I’ll cover myself in antihistamine cream.  Help me up, Sasquatch.”  He held out his hand towards Jared.

Jensen smiled when Jared leapt to his feet, and bounded over to him in full mama bear mode now.  Jared carefully pulled him to his feet, but before he could protest Jensen found himself being picked up and carried to the stairs.

“It’s my back that’s itchy. I haven’t lost the use of my legs, now put me down.” Jensen complained as Jared ignored him.

“Shut up and let me be over protective. I know you’ve got a kink for me being all cavemen over your precious ass.  Now stay still so I can get upstairs.” Jensen took one look at Jared’s determined face, and stopped struggling. He decided to enjoy the ride, resting his head on Jared’s shoulder, fluttering his eyelashes and making Jared laugh.

 By the time they reached the bedroom, Jared could feel his back protesting but it was worth it to take care of Jensen. “Ok, you said something about pills. Are they in the bathroom?”

Jensen nodded and Jared put him onto the bed, then ran to the bathroom. He tore open the cabinet, searching frantically.  He found what he was searching for hiding behind a bottle of shampoo; there was a pack of tablets and a tube of cream. Jared filled a glass with water, and took the tablets to the bedroom.

He handed Jensen the glass and held up the packet of tablets. “How many?”

Jensen wheezed. “Three please, I’ll take some more in the morning.”

Jared pushed the tablets out, and passed them to Jensen. He threw them into his mouth, and swallowed some water. Jared took the glass off him and got Jensen back to his feet, ignoring the protests as he helped Jensen walk to the bathroom.

Jensen stood, bright red, wheezing and scratching desperately at his back.  He caught Jared’s horrified expression in the mirror. “So do you still think I’m hot?”

Jared had to admit Jensen had somewhat lost his allure. “Errr, well, would you be hurt if I said you looked like you’ve been attacked by a swarm of demonic bees?”

Jensen whimpered. “How could you, Jay?  After what your rug did to me, now you’re saying I’m ugly. You keep that up and I’m calling Kane.” He looked down, trying not laugh at the strangled squeak he heard from Jared.

“No, not at all. It just looks painful, and for the love of god don’t call Kane!  He still hasn’t forgiven me for the jellyfish.”  Guilt and terror welled up at the thought of Kane paying a visit. The guy might be a midget but he fought dirty. He steeled himself. He was going to put this right before Jensen condemned him to be Kane’d to death. He opened the shower and helped Jensen inside.

“You just stand there, and I’ll get you cleaned up.”  Jared prepared to climb in.

Jensen shook his head, “Relax, Jay, I’m kidding. I’ve no intention of ringing Kane to tell him I’m a moron for not telling you about my allergy.  I’d never set him on someone I love.  I keep the wrath of Kane for special occasions.”  Jensen turned to stop Jared getting in with him. “I got some bad news, Jay. There’s gonna be no lovingly soaping me all over, just cold water.  It cools my skin a little until the antihistamines kick in.  You stay out there. There’s no point in both of us freezing our asses off.”

Jared threw back his shoulders and got in behind Jensen. “I’m not leaving you alone. We’ll suffer together.”

Jensen sighed and looked up at him. “My hero. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

  Jared gritted his teeth and reached past Jensen, setting the water to the coldest temperature and turned the shower on.  The two men gasped in shock as the icy water hit them, and Jared pulled Jensen closer.  He rubbed Jensen’s arms in a vain attempt to keep him warm as he shivered under the icy spray.

By the time Jensen said it was enough, Jared could barely feel his feet or fingers. Jensen’s teeth were chattering so hard, Jared was worried they’d have to call a dentist. They stumbled out of the shower, and Jared tore a towel off the rail and roughly dried himself off.  He picked up a fresh towel and gently patted Jensen’s back dry, trying not to flinch when he saw the red raw skin.

Jensen looked into the mirror and saw the devastated look on Jared’s face. He smiled. “Come on, man, it’s not that bad. Believe me the first time it happened, I ended up looking like the Pillsbury doughboy after he’d spent too long on a sun bed. Now how about I cheer you up?”

Jared looked up morosely. How the hell could Jensen joke at a time like this? “This is all my fault and you want to cheer me up?”

Jensen sighed and rolled his eyes, “Ok now, why don’t we leave Sam and his emo puppy back on set?  I’ve told you this was my fault, Jay. I should’ve told you I was allergic to angora.”  He rubbed at the back of his neck, fighting the urge to scratch.  “I mean, it’s not exactly macho to admit you can be brought to your knees by a fluffy sweater.  But there you are - now you know you’re dating a delicate princess, you can mock me mercilessly forever.”

Jared managed a rueful smile as he stepped close to Jensen, being careful when he felt him tense. He put his hands on Jensen’s hips and lightly rested his chin on Jensen’s shoulder, kissing his neck. He gently stroked his thumbs over the curve of Jensen’s hip bones and whispered. “What? Me mock you?  No, never, my darling Jenny.” He smirked when he saw Jensen pout at the hated nickname.“Now what was that about cheering me up?”

Jensen grinned and picked up the tube of antihistamine cream. “Do my back for me? I know it’s not the same as ravaging me in front of the fire, but I’m sure you can still have some fun.”

Jared straightened up, looked thoughtfully at Jensen then he grinned predatorily.  Jensen swallowed thickly; he knew that smile. He wondered just what Jared intended to do next. He soon found out when Jared spun him round, and he found himself being lifted up and over Jared’s shoulder.

 “Damnit, Padalecki, I’m a sick man!  I get no respect around here.”  He muttered to Jared’s ass as he was carried to the bed.

Jared put Jensen down, smiling as he pulled back the bedclothes. He pointed to the bed as he took the tube of cream off him.  Jensen climbed onto the bed, waggled his ass and grinned over his shoulder. “Damn, you know I get all tingly when you take control. Are you gonna whip out the handcuffs again?” He lay down and waited for Jared to join him.

Jared laughed as he climbed on the bed. “Not likely. Remember the last time I tried that?”

Jensen looked coyly over his shoulder. “Why yes, I remember. You manhandled me into the bedroom, tore my clothes off and handcuffed me to the bed. Then you took advantage of me.”  Jensen grinned happily. “In fact you took advantage of me three times. I screamed so much that Dean’s ‘Batman’ voice was born. God, that was a great night.”

“It was a great night until I realized I lost the key to the cuffs.” Jared knelt as close as he dared to Jensen, trying to be careful of the painful-looking rash on his body. He was happy Jensen was distracted by the memory. He could see Jensen’s broad shoulders shaking as he laughed.

“I think it was then we finally realized that Sam’s the one with the lock-picking talent.  I thought you were going to break out a hack saw, and try to cut the cuffs off.”  Jensen looked over his shoulder. “I never asked. What did you tell the locksmith who came to release me?”

Jared opened the antihistamine cream and squeezed some on his hands, and began gently applying the cream to Jensen’s heated skin. “I told him that my roommate had been having fun with his girlfriend. That you’d had a fight, and she’d stormed off, taking the keys with her.”

He heard Jensen laugh again.”Brilliant, Jay, worthy of Nate Ford.....ooohh God.” He moaned softly as Jared large hands swept gently over his back.

 At first Jensen’s shoulders were tense under his fingers but as he continued to massage them, Jensen slowly relaxed.  Jared’s hands slid lower and he heard Jensen whimper. He looked up and saw him biting his lip. Jensen loved having a massage; it was a damn shame about tonight. Any other time this would’ve led to something a lot more sensual.  Instead, Jensen was going to be laid up in bed, and not in the fun way he’d planned.

Jared continued to smooth the cream into Jensen’s skin, doing his best to ease his boyfriend’s discomfort. Judging by the soft moans and sighs, he was well on the way to making up for yet another romantic disaster. Finally Jared had coated every inch of Jensen’s back and legs with the cream.  And yes he might have taken a few extra seconds...alright, minutes, over the Eighth Wonder of the Natural World. Yup, that ass. Well, Jensen had promised something to cheer him up.

Jared continued with his massage until he heard Jensen’s breathing even out. He carefully climbed off the bed, and pulled the bedclothes over him, letting him rest. Jared decided he’d better go downstairs, get Harley and Sadie settled for the night, and put out the candles. As much as he loved firefighters’ uniforms, he didn’t want to see one tonight.  He had one more thing he wanted to do first; he went into the bathroom and ran cold water over a face cloth.

Jensen stirred; he could no longer hear Jared’s soft breathing, or feel his soothing touch anymore. He was lying on his side, covered in soothing antihistamine cream and there was a cool damp cloth over his now swollen eyes. He sighed with gratitude, smiling at Jared’s thoughtfulness; he’d have to thank him for the massage. He’d just have to try not to scratch his itching back, and ruin all of Jared’s good work. Then again he could always ask Jared to scratch the itch for him; he laughed to himself.

  As Jared came back into the bedroom he heard a strange noise.  It was exactly how he imagined Darth Vader would sound if he was having an asthma attack. He went from being content to panic stricken. “Oh God, Jensen! Are you alright? Speak to me!” He looked desperately round the room for his car keys, getting ready to throw Jensen into the car and tear off to the hospital. Obviously the medication wasn’t working.

Jensen lifted the dampened cloth and sighed as Jared changed direction and ran to the bed.  It had sounded as if Jensen was taking a last agonized breath.  Jensen managed a smile at Jared who now resembled a puppy who’d just been scolded for chewing the carpet.

 Jared folded his arms and huffed. “That’s it! I’m salting and burning the damn rug as soon as possible.”

Jensen waved him away, “Seriously, Jay, I’m fine.  Listen. How about you wait a couple of days? And then you can burn the damn thing with me watching. I’ll even bring marshmallows.”  He reached out and pulled Jared down onto the bed, moving as close to Jared as his itching, sore body would allow him.

 He whispered in Jared’s ear. “And this time I’ll bring the rug, and we can try this again. I’ve always wanted to make love under the stars.”

Jared looked warily at Jensen’s puffy face. “Yeah, knowing my luck, we’ll probably be arrested for public indecency when the neighbours call the cops.  Or we’ll get squished by a meteorite shower.”  Jared folded his arms, looking sorry for himself.

Jensen covered them both with the duvet, and rested his hand on Jared’s chest. “You know, we should write a book about romance.  How about the Jared Padalecki Guide to Romance?  It would be a bestseller. All the fan girls would buy it, and of course we could get Misha to send his minions forth to the bookshops as well.”

“More like Romance for Dummies, or better yet, How to Kill the One you Love with Romance.” Jared muttered morosely.

Jensen ran his fingers through Jared’s hair. “Ok. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. So what if there have been a few mishaps?”

Jared lifted his head. “A few mishaps?  I’ve nearly killed you three times with my attempts at romance. First of all, I almost got you stung to death by jellyfish.  Then you nearly choke on a ring I bought you.  And this time I almost kill you with a fluffy rug!”  Jared flung his arm across his eyes, and sighed dramatically.

Jensen propped himself up on his elbow. “That’s it! Ok, for a start did you deliberately put the jellyfish in the lake to sting me half to death?”

Jared looked mortified. “Of course not!”

“Ok, why did you put the ring in the cake? Did you have the urge to turn the show into the solo adventures of Sam Winchester?”

Jared frowned. “It was because when I was buying Megan a birthday present, you saw the ring at the same time, and you loved it.  I thought it would be a nice surprise for you. And there’s no way I’m putting myself completely at Ben and Sera’s mercies full time.  You know the fan girls love to see you angst manly and you’re the only one who can get the car to behave. I swear the damn thing’s got a crush on you.”

Jensen nodded. “It’s good to know you don’t want the solo gig and you’re not a masochist. That my manly angsting is still needed, and of course, my baby loves me the most.”

Jensen looked at Jared seriously. “And tonight, did you intend to pin me down to a rug made from a material I’m highly allergic to, causing me terrible pain and distress, and a case of hives so bad, it would have House running for the exit, screaming?”

Jared sat up. “Christ, Jen, all I wanted was a romantic night in front of the fire. Drink some beer, eat pizza, and take the opportunity to screw your brains out on a fur rug.  I wasn’t expecting you to re-enact the end of Raiders and see your skin peel off.”

Jensen grinned and pulled Jared back down. “That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Jay. There was nothing wrong with the ideas. Every single one of them was thoughtful, romantic and tonight was, if you pardon the pun, hotter than hell. It’s just sometimes things go wrong, and tonight really was my fault. You had no idea my fatal weakness is a fluffy wabbit.”

Jared carefully eased Jensen into his arms. “How about I give up on the romance, and just concentrate on screwing your brains out in future?” He brushed his fingers though Jensen’s short hair.

“As much as I love of the sound of that, please, Jay, don’t give up on me now. I love your attempts at romance. Even though you insist on treating me like a girl.” Jensen smiled as he rested his hand over Jared’s heart.

 “You really mean that? You like my romantic surprises? Of course I treat you like a girl, it’s those eyelashes.”  There was a hint of hope in Jared’s voice, and the usual wide smile started to reappear.

Jensen returned the smile, reaching out to caress Jared’s face, “Not all your surprises go bad. Remember the Garth Brookes concert you took me to? No greater love hath a man, than to listen to his guy’s favourite singer.  Especially when his favourite band is Pearl Jam.”

Jared beamed at the praise for that night. It was true - country music wasn’t really his thing.  But it had been a pleasure to watch Jensen as he enjoyed himself. They’d danced to the music, and managed a stolen kiss during the slower songs.

Jensen leant closer and his lips brushed gently against Jared’s. “Never change. Do you hear me? I love you just the way you are.  Dangerous romantic adventures and all. So what’s next?  Parachute jumping into the Grand Canyon, or white water rafting over Niagara Falls?”

Jared laughed gently. “Nothing like that. I was thinking more along the lines of snowboarding down Mount Everest.  Now why don’t you get some rest, and tomorrow you’ll get breakfast in bed, and if I’m lucky you’ll let me massage you again.”

Jensen gave a long-suffering sigh. “I don’t know. Let you spoil me rotten all weekend?  It will be difficult, but I suppose I could put up with it.”  His eyes closed slowly and he yawned. “All this romance takes it out of a guy. I’m shattered.”

Jared pulled the duvet up higher, covering Jensen’s shoulders. He turned his head and reached out for the switch, turning off the light.  He turned back and placed a kiss on top of Jensen’s head, resting his hand on top of Jensen’s. “Ok. I promise to spoil you rotten, and next weekend how about that rug BBQ?”

Jensen laughed softly. “That sounds great, but like I said, I’ll supply the rug this time.  You just bring the prime Texan beef.  I like to have something to chew on; just don’t get too close to the fire.  I like my beef rare.”

Jared joined in with the laughter. “Sounds like a plan, now go to sleep. I want you well rested so I can pamper you senseless.” Jared heard Jensen yawn again, and waited for him to relax.  As he lay there he gently stroked Jensen’s arm, soothing him to sleep.  He yawned and as sleep began to pull him under, Jared wondered if he should tell Jensen all about the romantic weekend of bungee jumping he’d booked for them just yet.
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meesasometimesmeesasometimes on March 13th, 2013 09:33 pm (UTC)
XD!!!!! It was so wonderful working with you, I think this fic is just sweet perfection. The banter and the hilarious situations, I still haven't gotten past the "flock" of jellyfish.lol.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 07:24 pm (UTC)
Once again thank you for the lovely art! And thank you for such a lovely comment, I'm so happy you enjoyed working on this.

And yes the flock of jellyfish is still my favorite part too.
Sabrinaslf630 on March 14th, 2013 06:54 am (UTC)
Hehe, this was awesome. Oh, poor Jared. *pets him* He's ridiculously adorable with all his failed attempts to romance Jensen. Loved the banter and the obvious love between them. :)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 07:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you, and I'm delighted you enjoyed the story. It was fun to write about the failed romance attempts and the banter, it's good to make people smile.
ireenaireena on March 14th, 2013 10:29 am (UTC)
Very sweet and funny! Thank you for this little stress relief! Highly enjoyable read after hard day in the office. :)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 07:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you, and I'm pleased this provided a little stress relief after a long hard day in the office.
laurathelurkerlaurathelurker on March 14th, 2013 02:07 pm (UTC)
Loved it.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
dont_hate_me01: J2 laughingdont_hate_me01 on March 14th, 2013 08:40 pm (UTC)
LOL!!! Great fic, was a really good read. :-)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks, happy you enjoyed this.
veiw13veiw13 on March 14th, 2013 08:55 pm (UTC)
That was hilarious...and incredibly sweet! Loved the banter and the obvious love between them made me melt to the floor!
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm so happy this made you laugh and that you thought it was sweet.
girlacklesgirlackles on March 14th, 2013 09:53 pm (UTC)
Lol !!! All of Jared's failed attempts to romance Jensen was hillarious..!!! Seriously, i keep burst out laughing, the whole story was just amazing,funny,and so sweetttt :)
Thankzzzz,i really really really enjoyed it!you made my day!
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 16th, 2013 09:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed Jared's attempts at romance. I'm so happy you found it funny and sweet, my work here is done.
AbbySN_24loversn_24lover on March 14th, 2013 11:02 pm (UTC)
I just love you stories but this one is priceless!!! OMG I could totally see Jared romancing getting messed up like that everytime. LOL And Jensen being so understanding and just smiling during all the mishaps.

Just perfect. :)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 16th, 2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Bless both of em, they're just too adorable for words aren't they?
shenovashenova on March 14th, 2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
Brilliant Jared trying to be all romantic but it didnt work out as well as he expected but it was fun. Loved it.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 16th, 2013 08:53 pm (UTC)
Ahh the best laid plans of Moose and men, right? I'm sure Jared will carry on being romantic, even if he had to have an ambulance on stand by *G*

Thank you for the comment.
MysteriousAliWays: SPN - J2 Lookmysteriousaliwz on March 15th, 2013 09:35 am (UTC)

Aww Jared, you big, romantic, accident-prone moose!
Amusing and sweet :)
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 16th, 2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

Yes Jared really is adorable, and an accident prone moose, I'm pleased you enjoyed this.
2muchgoodthing: theguys2muchgoodthing on March 15th, 2013 10:40 am (UTC)
Ha! Angora allergy! Thank you, this was so sweet yet had me laughing out loud! Love this fic. Ha! Bungee jumping! Ha!
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 16th, 2013 08:47 pm (UTC)
Ahh Jensen's fatal weakness....fluffy wabbits! I'm so pleased this made you laugh, just what I wanted.
goldenboatgoldenboat on March 15th, 2013 01:03 pm (UTC)
I can't tell you how much I loved the story..(I love all ur fics btw :D) Protective, clumsy and extremely adorable Jared and awesome Jen...just what I was waiting for:)Thank you so much for writing it!! *HUGS*
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 16th, 2013 08:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you, for both the comment and the fact you like my other stories.

Glad you liked my adorable Jared, he's just so sweet isn't he?

I'm so happy you enjoyed this and it brightened the day.
Somersomer on March 16th, 2013 09:07 pm (UTC)
The summary...I had to stifle my chuckles. What could possibly go wrong? Jared should really know you better by now!! ;)

Jared's attempts at being romantic...setting the carpet on fire, setting the curtains on fire, giving Jensen a migraine, nearly chocking him with a ring, getting stung by a jollyfish, a roleplay ending with a visit to the ER, having to call a locksmith, an allergic reaction...HOW GET THEY EVER TO THE PART WHERE JARED FUCKS JENSEN SENSELESS??

Love how Jared is so adorable romantic and love Jensen all carried and sick and telling Jared to never change!!

sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on March 17th, 2013 08:17 pm (UTC)
So you liked this then? I had so much fun writing this. all the romantic disasters, you're right it makes you wonder how Jared ever gets the chance to screw Jensen's brains out.

Thank you for the great comment and I'm really happy you liked it.
vicki_journalvicki_journal on April 19th, 2013 08:48 pm (UTC)
This had me laughing so hard! Literally had tears in my eyes!

Thank you... Loved it!
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on April 23rd, 2013 07:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm happy it made you laugh.
aisha43 on August 4th, 2013 12:04 pm (UTC)
What a fun read. Thanks for sharing.