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Decisions, Decisions.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I come here today to ask for your help.

First of all I have news, whether it's good or not I'll leave up to you. The next chapter of the Fic O Doom has just gone off to be beta'd, and I have told my long suffering beta to hack and slash at it with abandon.

Now onto my real reason for being here, I'm having a few technical difficulties with ye olde lap top.  Now when I try to switch it on the on/ off button is playing up, sometimes it turns the machine on right away. Then others it's almost as if I've got a loose connection and it won't switch on.  Now I can carry on until it goes poof and lap top never tuns on again *sob*.

Or do as Steve suggests, bite the bullet and take poorly lap top off to curry's and get them to look at it before said disaster happens. Also Steve wants lap top to be hale and hearty for the holiday, so i don't end up murdering someone if we get stuck in the caravan if it rains, clever man my long suffering other half.

If I do as he suggests, I will have take in tomorrow, and if the last time is anything to go by it will take at least two weeks...... So no squeeing, and my writing will slow to an even bigger crawl, but I have to face facts something may be about to give.

So dear friends, what do you think? sort it now or wait until I'm weeping over the unresponsive little body of a much loved little pal

Help me out please?. I'll be off line for a while but I promise to be back soon.

Tags: argh!, life, wibbling
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