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State Of The Dragon, May Edition!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, tis I! Well come on, this is my journal after all, who were you expecting?  All answers on a postcard please, and sent care of....Mr D Winchester, The Batcave.

Right *rubs hands* now that’s out of the way, let’s see where we are on the old Fic writing.  Alrighty then, first a little boasting and thanks, the thanks goes tobigj52 my saintly beta.  Who is soon to depart her homeland, for the golden shores of America for a well earned break (And I will deny to the death, any rumours that she is fleeing the country to avoid my scribbles.) So please erect statues, altars, and make offerings to her for her endless patience and skill.  For its she who has in the last couple of weeks, wrestled the latest chapter of the Fic O Doom to the ground and beat it into shape. Then she went above and beyond the call of duty, and beta’d my little piece of gen fluff, Kneaded as well.

Now for the boasting....I managed to post both stories within a couple of days of one another!  For me that’s an avalanche of Fic people, I promise to slow down.

So then onto ramblings, musings, and unending promises of actually writing something.

Ok then, remember that little piece of H/C fluff I was writing as a get well present for somer? It is slowly evolving into what could possibly end up as a mini bang for the spn_gen_bigbang challenge.  Speaking of said challenge, I’ve finally decided to lock onto a story to scribble on holiday.....yes folks; Die Hard Supernatural is looking promising!  After months of trying to find a plot to hang Dean going all John McClane on a bunch of bad guys asses.  It hit me right between the eyes, just as I was trying to reconcile my recharge account at work (oh the exciting life I lead, right?).

Now it’s no longer a town held to ransom by drug head nearly exploded trying to get the logistics together.  Such as if you hold a town to ransom by kidnapping family members, would you really be dumb enough to keep them in the town? Or even if you were the drug lord why not just wipe out anyone who looks funny to you. So why in the name of all that’s holy would you even think it’s a good idea to try and kidnap three rather large gentlemen?  All with attitude and cars packed with weapons? And a tendency to lie right to your face, just before they punch you in the jaw.

  Now it’s.... well do I tell you? Ok a sneak peak of the basic idea.  Take season 1, three Winchesters mean, broody and gorgeous, throw in an old Marine buddy of John’s who knows about John’s new career. The old friend now works as head of security in a museum where things have been going bump in the night, and he needs John’s special brand of expertise.  Stir in a team of highly motivated thieves after an exhibit, simmer gently, and stand well back and wait for the fun to start.

Oh and I might have a place in it for an art restorer, who has a soft spot for young men with freckles green eyes, and a taste for classic rock *bounce* I’m excited.....look out Dean you know when I get like this, there are bruises in your future.

I can’t help but think this kind of story really does work better in the confines of a building, rather than a town.  Too many exit points for good guys and bad.  Although if I ever figure out how to do it, I might revisit it with J2.  I can see it now, Jared lives in the town. Then Jensen a mysterious loner, with extra BAMF tendencies passes through. And you know the rest!

Also on the J2 front....see those two are never far from my thoughts, especially if they include getting Jensen naked or bruised....or the jackpot naked and bruised.  I will return to the Fic O Doom, so near and yet so far to the finish, and keep chipping away at a few bits of fluff I’m writing, including Acolyte0301.

My first transformation Fic is calling to me again, as I left it. Jared had Jensen pinned to the bed, demanding he stops his transformation before it goes too far.  With Jensen struggling to comply, as his true nature struggles to assert itself (Seriously, I have to watch the purple prose).

And thinking of a piece of inspiration, possible spoiler news for season 9!  Just went on the spnnewsletter and I saw this......

Seriously.....I mean goddamn SERIOUSLY!!!!!

CHRISTIAN.....I’m so badass, it hurts KANE on Supernatural?????????? (I'm still mourning the loss of Eliot Spencer, I may never recover completely, but this would help a lot *G*)

Cue high pitched dolphin like noises, arm flailing and a need to lie down in a darkened room!  Have those guys been peeking at my ideas doc? I was going to use that as a starting point for a piece of shameless Jensen whump I’m thinking of writing, I know you’re all shocked.

Right I feel a little better now I’ve vented my spleen, so while I clean that up, I’ll leave you good people to your Sunday.

Have a great day!

Oh and just a quick question, are any of you guys getting weird comments appearing on their journals?  And I don’t mean abuse and insults about my lack of talent.  More along the lines of advertising for holidays and Louis Vitton shoes, now should I just keep deleting the bloody things?  Or do I have to bleat to Frank, and see what the goat wants to do about it?

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