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Decisions, decisions


Friends, Romans, Fl*sters!  How are we tonight? I come seeking your counsel, as you all know it’s almost time for my annual visit to Asylum.  Ahh the joys of a hotel packed with demented fan girls, and poor terrified actors surrounded by us.

So the reason for my visit here tonight, I’ve just seen the schedule for A10, and now I’m getting excited, terrified and am being a gibbering wreck as usual *G*.

Ok first question my registration group is A50 (or E50 according to my photo ops but more of that later). And the registration time is 12.30 to 1.15. Usually I get to the hotel around about two O’clock, now should I haul ass and get there earlier or stick to my usual routine?

Now if I get there earlier than usual, I might consider a few purchases from this wonderful list here.

So far I have these photo ops and autographs

Photo with Ty, one with Richard and Richard’s autograph.

Now what else do I want?  Well ok all of them, yes I know Jared is no longer able to attend but you get the drift right.

But the ones that are really yodelling to me are:

Ty and Rick, two vampires both gorgeous no waiting!

Possibly DJ and Osric.

Also The Car!!!!!!! Oh ye gods! The Impala, seriously? Damn it’s tempting.

But the thing that interests me is the Meet & Greet, but how does one behave at these events? I’m sure hiding under the table wibbling would be considered unseemly, plus I’m on my lonesome.  How does one dress at these soirees?  Will I have to crack open the old M & S dress, or are jeans and T-shirt considered appropriate.

So many things, so little money it’s so annoying I have to eat, even though I’m fairly cheap to run.  I don’t drink a lot, one glass of wine and I’m giggling away merrily.

Decisions, decisions, I don’t know what to do....but it’s gonna be fun figuring it out.

So my dear fl*st any suggestions, and just remember I only have so much money to spend *G*
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