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State of the Dragon, June Edition.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, how are we all this fine June evening?  As promised I’m keeping up with my ramblings, about my writing on the first Sunday of the month!  You know I wish I could write Fic, with the same consistency as I manage to do this *G*

Right before I babble on too much here are the excuses for why the writing is on a go slow at the minute.  Well you should always get your excuses in first, kind of like the dog ate my homework, or in my case the dog did a quick river dance with muddy feet across it.  That actually happened and I took the somewhat soggy essay in to prove it, after ten minutes the teacher admitted defeat and let write it again.

So where was I? Ah yes excuses, well after my little flurry of activity, chapter 19 of the Fic O Doom, Kneaded and Sweet like Chocolate.  I was doing pretty ok; my get well story for somer was doing fine, and now has extra tentacles.  Plus I have started a vampire story and the Dragon Fic is coming along, then I had my eyes tested.

Now why is that a problem I hear the crickets ask?  I’m now the rather proud and somewhat cross eyes wearer of varifocals.  After a week of not being able to focus on my keyboard, or screen properly I returned to the optician to have them adjusted.  Bless Sam (Yes the buggers are following me, why is there never a Dean?) he adjusted them and sent me tottering off into the day.

Problem solved right?  Wrong, it got that bad I went back to wearing my sunglasses, so I went back again yesterday and Sam said “What the hell has happened to them?  I thought I’d adjusted them and they’re just as lopsided, it almost like muscle memory.”  So after a little twisting and dark muttering about new frames, he sent me off again.  At least at the moment it doesn’t feel like my eyes are about to explode.  But I might have to go back, as these puppies are still not quite right.  I’ll see in a straight line, if it kills me.

So that’s the bleating out of the way....actually not quite on an unrelated note, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who *wibble*.  All I ask is when they cast the new Doctor, not a bloody woman.  look Time Lords are not hermaphrodites’ right? There are Time Lords and  Ladies and the Doctor is A TIME LORD, so bugger political correctness, he is a man get over it.  Right, and just to cap my weekend....

BEN EDLUND!!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!! For the love of all that’s holy why? I’m watching Revolution with a grim sense of duty at the moment, and I can understand wanting a fresh challenge, but dude really?

I know the show will continue without him, but I will miss his quirky sense of humour and I just hope he continues to have some dealings with the show.

Now then back to the writing, see I told you I’d get back there eventually *G*.  So if my eye sight ever comes back into land properly my intentions for the next month are....

Finish that get well story for somersault, I was aiming for the spn_gen_bigbang challenge but I realized it wouldn’t be finished in time. Plus my long suffering beta bigj52 is off on her hols soon, and it’s unfair to bombard her with my scribbles while she is supposed to be enjoying herself. But I will get it done and cleaned up for when she is back home.

Secondly I will be moving onto the next chapter of The Fic O Doom, I really want to finish that soon.  Just so I can write my time stamps, including demon possession, stigmata and a healthy dose of Jensen whump (Write what you love I say *G*).

I will be making my attempt on my spn_gen_bigbang; thank god for my holiday, I might actually get some of that written.

Also back to the old Jensen whump, that bloody dragon Fic and the new vampire Fic that turned up, leered at me, and offered me promises of a naked, hurt Jensen and a pissed off elder Vamp Jared!  I promise no sparkling or moping around, or at least moping in a more manly way than Edward ruddy Cullen.

Not to mention I’m going to try something novel, a short Fic! No redeeming qualities just beat the snot out of Dean, and have a hovering worried guilty Sam, what’s not to love?

Finally and then I’ll leave you in peace, I’ll ignore the cheers, Acolyte is getting a new chapter! I’m determined to finish that story, and find new and exciting ways to torture Jensen!

So I hope I haven’t disturbed your Sunday too badly, and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go through my now regular routine of pushing my glasses up and down my nose and tilting them.  All in the hope I stop seeing three of the same word, and that my poor stiff neck will one day unfreeze.

Have a great day!

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