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Tis That Time Of Year Again!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters!  Now before you all run for the hills screaming, this little drive by post is to let you know that once again its holiday time!

Yes me, the long suffering other half, our two dogs (Sasha and Kizzy) and the mother are off on our summer hols.  Look out Weymouth here we come! So for the next two weeks I will be trapped in a metal box with mum.  Ha where are the Big Brother cameras when you need em.

I know I usually make this post a little later....a little later, have you seen the time? Seven O’clock in the bloody morning, its bad enough I have to be up for work let alone trying to type. No due to the fact I developed a social life, I went to Steve’s daughter’s 21st birthday meal on Wednesday and tonight I’m off to the party (me at a party with a bunch of 21 year olds and the ex from hell, oh be still my beating heart *G*). Also due mum’s obsession with the house being pristine, in case of burglars and the cat sitter judging me on my ability to make a bed. I haven’t been round much.

So I promise to try and get any comments I owe done today or better yet if the caravan park where we go still has Wi-Fi.  I will be stumping ups some cash and buying a few hours, so I remain attached to the 21st century.

Whatever happens I will be scribbling away on some of my fics. Me and the lap top will not be parted, only a crow bar or Jensen walking by naked could manage that.

Think of me then, mum snoring gently on one seat, Steve snoring on the other, and the dogs lying in a heap on the floor, as I wrestle my muse to the floor and get her to cooperate.

So see you soon folks!  And hopefully I will actually have something finished that I can send to my poor, poor beta!  Oh and Jensen, come here sweetheart you’re just gonna love the English Seaside *Evol G*
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