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I told you my imagination was a dangerous place!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters!  How are we all this fine day? I’m writing to you from the confines of the caravan I’m staying in.  It’s not a bad place, and the holiday is going well.  So far I’ve managed to resist the temptation to throttle my mother, or push her off the end of the pier *G* Also my long suffering other half, Steve has got a tan!

As I always say this is the dogs’ holiday and we just tag along.  So far Sasha and Kizzy have spent ridiculous amounts of time paddling in the sea, or going for long walks.  But now the poor dears are somewhat knackered, and are lying here asleep.  So as my holiday slowly comes to an end, I find myself mulling over what I have achieved on the writing front....and so far not a lot!  I’m stunned I seem to have a holiday and enjoyed myself all without too much writing, damn I must be slipping. But I have managed to hammer out a few words on different stories, including the now legendary Dragon Fic.

But why am I here, I hear the crickets chirp?  Well it’s all to do with the dangerously unpredictable place, my imagination.  You see I’m a firm believer in my imagination should never be allowed to be left unattended for long, as it has a nasty habit of wandering off on its own. It likes to cause mischief, just like it did last night while I was watching C.S.I.

I watch C.S.I. and when I do my mind goes for a little stroll....Jared and Jensen....Thinking how sexy would Jensen look in a lab coat, or even dusting Jared for prints.  But for once that wasn’t the inspiration that struck.  No my sodding warped bunny of a muse decided it was time to come out of hibernation. She smelled the air and start rooting around in my bonce for things to scribble about, (right as if I don’t have enough bloody story ideas on the go!).

No she decided to take a good long look at my H/C Bingo card, and the little bugger started to plot.  Then last night as I lay on the bloody uncomfortable fold down bed, me and Steve are squashed on (mum’s got the bedroom, due to moaning about not being able to sleep in a single bed. Trust me the bruises are worth it, no winging off mum).  When she whispered something in my ear and I can’t let it go. Highlander J2!

Ok perhaps we need to go back a little to the event that triggered the avalanche, the small pebble that has shaken loose all manner of holy shit! Where did that one come from?

Ok let’s go back to C.S.I. Bear with me everything will be clear I promise.  One of the guest stars was an actor by the name of Paul Johansson, and a long time ago he was one of the main actors in a very short lived show called The Raven.  The Show in turn was a spinoff of the TV version of Highlander.

Now before we go any further with this ramble, I will stand here and proudly proclaim that the first Highlander film remains one of my favourite films.  There was just something about the story that got me, and the soundtrack was by Queen!! Queen, I tell you I dare anyone who has watched that film, not to snivel like a big girl’s blouse when they hear Who Wants to Live Forever. I have to say however, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the second film (The Immortals were Aliens!!!!!! Sod off! No they just happened, like the first film said, no bloody aliens, got me!).

Well as you can tell I was a fan, so much so that after I saw it I waited nearly two years to be able to get my hands on a VHS version of the film. Just because they changed Distributor for the video release, (For the very young amongst you, before DVDs, there were these things called video tapes. Oh the money it cost me to replace them with DVDs....I’m sure I could’ve repaid our national debt).  Then one day I stumbled over the TV show, and the rest is history.  They managed to reboot the mythology and ran with it (we won’t go into how much the DVDs of the show will one day cost me *G*). I mean what’s not to love about an immortal hot guy, armed with a sword, who gets beaten up and killed regularly?

Then I saw they were talking about a remake, I was interested and then they announced Ryan Reynolds had gotten the role of Connor.  For a few moments I thought, ooh great better effects.  Then I thought you know there’s this other really hot actor, who would look great swinging a Katana with Queen blaring in the background, growling out “There can be only one!”  But sadly at the minute Jensen is a little busy.  Then the muse started whispering about a version of the film with Jensen as the Highlander, and Jared as his love interest.  I put the idea aside, nailing the door shut, for the sake of my other stories and the need to eat and sleep.

But last night the muse got the hammer, and pried the nails out of the door and kicked it bloody open.  Whispering “That square.....You know the experiments by evil scientists one.  Well what would happen if a scientist got hold of an immortal?

From there I looked at other squares, and I began to see stories start to form, after all the show and the film had a lot of flashbacks triggered by events in the Highlander’s life, (both Connor and Duncan). I could see the birth of Jensen the immortal in a Roman gladiatorial arena! Taking care of someone likes Connor with Heather.....and oh my god I have to stop!

Please talk me out of it, I’m pleading with you good friends, don’t let me toddle off down this path.  I daren’t break out the soundtrack and warble along to Princes of the Universe!

Right I feel a little better now I’ve gotten this off my chest, it might stop me doing something stupid.  Like casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Kurgan or evil scientist in chief, and seeing Jim Beaver in the Ramirez role or even Joe Dawson, The Watcher.

Right I will return you to your evening, and I will enjoy the rest of my holiday. Not thinking about swords, immortals or Jensen in a kilt!

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