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Ah The Joys Of Office Life, Or how a manager has provided the slashiest comments ever!

Now before I publish a list of imense and profound wisdom i feel i should explain. The gentleman who had been directly quoted (I swear on my Supernatural DVDs these are true!) is a sweet guy, if somewhat prone to making unfortunate gaffs and being blissfully unaware he has done so.  So with out further ado I proudly present.......

P D – The Faux Pas, Top11

  1. Whack it off
  2. Hello, avon
  3. Oh andy, you blocked my slot up
  4. All this deep throating is doing me no good
  5. Tell me when its firm
  6. all this humping does make you sleep at night
  7. I just cracked my finger up my ring
  8. the shock of re-entry
  9. oooh sitting down and nibbling on a saveloy
 10. I almost grabbed myself

11. maybe it will pop out later on

So as I sti here sobbing with laughter, i must pass on what my friend, colleague and now fellow Supernatural devotee  Barbara has said. "Ali, you know tha J2 stuff you write, well do you think you could put some of these in your stories or even better all of them in one story.  I can just imagine Misha calling ou "hello, Avon" dressed as Cas!"

So after she scrapped me off the floor i have been left pondering this.  I'm educating Barbara in the ways of J2, I gave her a printed copy of my fic It's not easy being green! well you have to take baby step don't you?

the more I look at this list the more i wonder if?
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