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Special Hell here I come.......

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I bring greetings to you this Thursday.  Yes, I know I should be either writing something (apart from journal entries) or reading some of the many stories out there.  Including the latest post from dizzojay, and of course stir_of_echoes, and all the Big Bang stories this year.  Why I am bothering you good people, I hear the empty plains of LJ enquire.

Well today I finally realized just how screwed I am, and Special Hell is almost a given for me now. Please gather round, grab a hottie of your choice.  While I tell you my tale of merriment, mirth and the possible corruption of an innocent.

Right many moons ago, I was the lonely, lost, solitary geek within the confines of our office.  Sam joined our merry band and I found a kindred spirit, and then about eighteen months ago young Joshua joined us.

Now as far as I’m concerned every office should have a Josh, not only is he very nice to look at.  But he is a geek extraordinaire! It was a match made in heaven I tell you.  He is my other conspirator, and I swear one day, I’ll get him to watch Supernatural if it’s the last thing I do.

Now before you all try and track Steve down, and tell him I’m straying off the path of true love (I’d never do that to him and Jensen), there are several reasons why Steve has nothing to fear from the young Josh:

  1. I’m very happily married to my long suffering other half.

  2. There might be a slight age difference....oh alright over 20 freakin years, happy?

  3. I’m so far out of his league it’s not even funny.  I’d have to remortgage the house for top to toe cosmetic surgery to stand chance.

All that aside, me and Josh get along like a house on fire. My boss suggested sitting us together because of our work, he looked at her and said, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?  Putting the two geekiest people in the office within five feet of one another?”

Bless her; Sue is still going ahead with the move.  She likes listening to us geek out, especially after a conversation concerning Leonardo Da Vinci, renascence art, and the age of consent in the Vatican.  According to something Josh read it’s thirteen. You don’t want to know where the conversation went after that, but I did point out that law was well over five hundred years old. Plus the Borgias were around at that time.

So as you can see we don’t just geek about Doctor Who, The Avengers, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and Thor (Josh lets me drool over Chris Helmsworth, see that’s why he’s great). Oh and Arrow, and yes I do go on about Oliver.  We talk about other things like the Lord of the Rings, art, and books and why the Blu Rays of Lord of the rings, don’t have such nice covers and art work as the DVDs.

Now take for instance today’s little conversational gambits.  They ranged from Josh telling me with total horror in his eyes, about the two planned sequel s to Independence Day.  Then we moved along to the possible Assassins Creed film, and we both like the idea of that with Michael Fassbender in the lead role.

That took us onto The 300, and how much we both like the film, and are looking forward to its sequel.  This promptly moved us onto the history of the Greeks and their becoming an empire, and Alexander the Great.  Josh did complain that the decapitation of one of the Spartans in The 300, saying it should have had more blood (and bless he really doesn’t do explicit violence, because he’s a good Christian boy) and I said, “You know you used to be such a nice young man, you’re spending way too much time with me.”  He grinned and wandered back to his desk.

Then much later on in the afternoon, we discussed how we’d like to see more money being spent on Arrow. Plus how brilliant would it be if Wolverine appeared in the 3rd Avengers movie, can you just see Tony Stark and Logan going toe to toe?

The conversation that lead to the trapdoor to special hell creaking ominously under my feet happened a little earlier.  I and Josh were lurking in the kitchen making a cup of coffee, when we started going on about The Hobbit.  So we went through the whole weren’t all the other movies great, and we loved all the art work on the DVDs.  And really Barbara should loosen up about the new female elf, there is such a thing as being too slavish to the books.

Well in the end I was telling him about this month’s Empire magazine. I was going on about the interview with Lee Pace who plays Thranduil, and I said “seriously if they make a replica of his sword I want one.”

We carried on babbling for a while, and Thranduil just in case you don’t know, is the Elven King who rides a stag.  Josh looked me right in the eye, and said in all innocence, “I mean who on earth rides a Moose?”

For a split second nothing happened, and then all sorts of fun and interesting images appeared. I started to laugh and said to him, “Oh Josh, you really picked the wrong fan girl to say that to.”

He laughed and wandered away, not understanding why I was grinning like a loon.  One of these days I might just have to explain to my good, and godly educated friend, is that Jared’s nick name is Moose.  As J2 fan that kind of thing between him and Jensen is only to be encouraged.

So gentle readers there you are, my day in a nutshell, in between slaving over hot rows of figures, me and Josh spend our time geeking out.  You know he even said he missed our Superhero chats; while I was on holiday, bless his little heart.

But if he ever figures out why I started grinning at him after the moose comment, it could see the end of a beautiful friendship.  I’ll let you all get back to lives *G*.
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