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I have a little confession to make!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, how are we tonight? I suppose you’re wondering, what the bloody hell is she up to again!

I have a little confession, remember all those months ago when I swore I wouldn’t be signing up for any challenges this year.  Just so I could concentrate on finishing my pesky WIPS. Waves fondly at teh Fic O Doom and Acoylyte0301, I swear I will the both of them. Even if it kills me, and takes half my long suffering fl*st with me.

*Scuffs floor with toes, and wrings hoodie* Look it was the spn_reversebang, and I thought why not?  It’s not as though I’m going to churn out another 30,000 words, like last time right? *rubs back of neck* I can’t, I need to sleep.

There are some lovely art prompts, real gems! I really couldn’t make my mind up what order to put my choices in.  In the end it was virtually a case of flipping a coin, I liked all of them equally.  Hell I even had plots for them all, and then I got my claim and suddenly my mind has gone blank.

Ahh the joys of scribbling! But I swear as I sit here breathing into a paper bag, I will pull myself together, and I really like my artist’s first plot suggestion. I can’t think why *whistles*

So without delay I’ll point you in the direction of prompt, I got my sweaty little mitts on.  It’s in the either art prompts section, and is no E3020.

You know I can’t think why I was so attracted to it *ahem*.  Now I want us to form a prayer circle and offer our thoughts and prayers.  For the poor bloody artist who coped for me as her author, I’m sure we wish her our best.

Right I’m off to stare hopelessly at a blank page.

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