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It's that time of year again!

Friends, Romans, Fl*ters, welcome to the usual round of wibbling.  The high of winning my prompt on spn_reversebang has subsided, and the dawning enormity of what I’ve just done has sunk in.

I’ve got until the 8th December to put together a Fic. You guys know me 3000 minimum not a problem, but making sure I stay on track and get the bloody thing ready for that date has already started the wibbling *G*

So in the spirit of my usual headless chicken routine, I will now dust off the panic alert alarm *coughs*.


Ok I feel better now. Well betterish, on a brighter note I’ve got a rough outline for the story. Over 500 words, see I told you word count is not a problem *G*

So I’m off to achieve my Zen ( I’m sat here with one of my black belts wrapped round my head, humming Eye of the tiger.) and I’m going to try and start writing, I fully intend to set myself a target for word count per day. I also intend to scribble at some of my other stories, to stop me from going stir crazy.  So don’t be surprised if at some point I do my usual LJ disappearing act, all depending on how well the story scribbling is going.

Look out folks, it’s wibbling season!
Tags: ramblings, reverse big bang 2013, wibbling
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