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A Supernatural Christmas No 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, please excuse me crashing your Wednesday.  But I just had to, whilst walking our dogs this morning the long suffering other half gave me a juicy piece of news....... "You know the campaign to stop The X Factor getting to No 1 at Christmas, well it's back, and they want to push AC/DC Highway to Hell."

He waited patiently for the squeeing and flailing to die down, as he knows just how much I loathe the X Factor and all it stands for.  If you're a fan, I must apologize it's just how I feel.  Then I sat at work and thought about the idea for a while, and during lunch I found the facebook page here! Damn I'm so bloody proud of myself for managing that.

In fact it seems the campaign is more about AC/DC turning 40 and never having had a UK top 10 single. Now I feel this is a travesty and if they can bugger up Simon Cowell and co at the same time all the better.

But more importantly I feel we should do this for the Winchesters!  After all is not Angus the patron saint of Dean?  We should band together, and carry this song to the top of the charts for Sam and Dean.  Look if we can win them the PCA awards, then this should be easy right?

Come on fandom what do you say, a song that has featured on the show being number 1 for Christmas! It would be awesome to quote a certain Winchester.

So let us gather behind the banner, tune up those air guitars and cry to the heavens as we clutch our best of AC/DC CDs to our bosoms....

Cry God for Sam And Dean, The Impala and Castiel!!!!!!  (With apologies to Shakespeare and Henry V)
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