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Hell Is Other People, Chapter 3

Title: Hell Is Other People
Word count: 7800
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings: Non-Con and excessive abuse of Jensen.  This chapter is as bad as it gets for poor Jensen, I promise to take better care of him in the next chapter.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last  time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to garvaldmains, who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs* All feedback hugged and please tell me if you spot any grammatical howlers, and I’ll put them right.




 Chapter 3

Jared jerked awake, he could hear the church doors being unlocked, shit he’d slept longer than he thought, he rubbed at his eyes yawned and stretched.  Jared pulled himself further into the shadows, he’d edge forward once the service was under way to get a clear view for now he could relax and watch the congregation arrive.

Soon the church began to fill with people in their Sunday best, greeting one another on this fine morning.  He noticed that three chairs on the front row of seats were kept empty; Jared wondered who the guests of honour were.   There was an air of excitement down there and to Jared it felt more like a group of spectators at a Baseball game than a church service.  Jared almost expected to see someone selling hot dogs.

Suddenly the congregation became muted and Jared had a sense of de ja vu, three people walked down the aisle of the church and Jared was reminded of Chad’s funeral people being sympathetic, but ultimately refusing to meet the newcomers’ eyes as if tragedy was contagious.

 Jared leaned forward to try and pick up the quiet conversation, “Donna, Alan how are you today?”  Came the softly spoken question, Jared zeroed in after hearing that.  Donna and Alan were Ackles parents and the young woman with them must be Mackenzie.  Looking at the three family members Jared could see that Donna looked exhausted, emotionally drained, Alan seemed to be in the same state, understandable under the circumstances.

  It was Mackenzie that caught his eye; she was seething with anger, Jared could almost it feel pouring off her in waves.  It didn’t take long for Jared to realize where the anger was directed, every time someone approached Mackenzie, she stiffened and she seemed to be having trouble containing herself.  Donna leaned closer and spoke to her daughter, and Mackenzie appeared to relax it looked like she had apologized to her mother.  After that the steady stream of people slowed, allowing Mackenzie’s eyes to wander round the church.  Jared froze in place; even the slightest movement would alert her to his presence.

 Mackenzie’s head suddenly snapped round to the church doors and even from his perch Jared could see the contempt written on her face.  Jared thought that was very interesting he wondered who had just come through the door. The other faces in the congregation, held an expression of awe and affection, Jared gave a wry smile at the ripple of excitement, so it looked like it was show time...  


 “Come on pretty wake up.”  Eddies voice boomed down Jensen’s ear, he groaned this was the second time he’d woken up today and both times had been unpleasant, although Jensen had to admit he preferred his first wake up call.

 Eddie was kneeling by the post; Jensen managed to lift his head to look up at him.  Eddie whistled happily, he was reaching down to undo the cuffs and chain from his collar which were holding Jensen in place.  “Come on we don’t want to be late, Preacher Morgan is so looking forward to seeing you today, and you did like his surprise? I know I did.”

 As he spoke Eddie stood up and brushed his Sunday best jeans down, “boys, bring in pretty’s clothes he needs to look his best. “  Eddie watched as the clothes were brought in and unceremoniously dumped onto the floor by Jensen’s prone body.

 “I’m warning you boy, you better git ready quick the preacher has something special planned for you today and he don’t want to be kept waitin, I’ll be back in five.”  With that Eddie turned and walked out closing his cell door behind him.

 Jensen’s gut churned at that something special, shit he was trying to recover from Morgan’s little surprise this morning.  Jensen rolled over onto his side hissing as the movement awoke the fire in his feet.   He curled up into a ball breathing deeply willing the pain to become bearable.  Once the room stopped spinning Jensen eased himself to a sitting position.

 Jensen retrieved his clothes from the floor they consisted of a green long sleeved button down, and jeans.  For a second Jensen was assailed by an almost soul shattering wave of grief, they were the clothes he’d worn the last time he was free.  When he had unwittingly walked through the gates of hell when he came to talk to the Preacher and never left.

  The clothes had smelled of home, now even that comforting scent was fading.  The shirt had been washed after Eddie had split his lip and he had bled on it when Jensen had been disrespectful to Preacher Morgan.  The only good part had been Morgan had been furious with Eddie; they never hit Jensen where the marks would be visible to the congregation.

   Morgan was very careful about that, Jensen was the villain of the piece, a man with a monster riding his soul, a creature of the pit.   Everyone seemed to ignore that the demon was housed within a flesh and blood man, and if Jensen was to appear bruised and battered that would change. 

This morning though something had changed and not for the better.  After kneeing Eddie in the balls, Jensen knew his joy would be short lived.  Once Eddie had finally managed to straighten up, his usual malicious smirk had bordered on ecstatic.  That’s when Eddie had sprung the Preacher’s surprise on Jensen

 “So pretty, the Preacher tells me when ya walk on holy ground it burns ya.  Well Preacher wants to make sure the congregation gets to see the evil on your body.  So if ya don’t mind holdin still we will just make sure the good people get to see how a walk in a church affects ya.”

 After that things had things had gone rapidly downhill for Jensen, he found himself face down on the floor with one of Eddie’s friends holding his ankles and the other with is knee in the small of his back.  Then Jensen heard a sound that haunted his nightmares. 

 Jensen heard the metal cabinet open; he loathed that sound it was where Morgan kept his instruments of chastisement.  Inside where cuffs, and other restraints; it also housed an assortment of straps, floggers and canes.  At one time or another Jensen had had the pleasure of meeting them all.  In the bottom of the cabinet was a metal box, and only Morgan had the key to it.  Jensen knew one day he would find out what was in that box and he dreaded it with every fibre of his being.

 Jensen watched as Eddie reached in and got out two items, a pair of cuffs to fasten him to the post, which he threw to the friend kneeling on Jensen and the other item, was a short black baton.  Eddie disappeared from Jensen’s eye line, but he soon knew where Eddie was when his feet were engulfed in flame.  Eddie was hitting the souls of his feet with the baton. Jensen struggled weakly against the cuffs his strength waning with each strike. Tears streamed from his eyes and there was roaring sound in his ears.  After one particularly savage strike Jensen screamed, after that the world went dark and mercifully he remembered nothing more.


Jensen sat leaning against the post holding his shirt; it was one that Tom had brought him because it brought out the colour of his eyes.  Jensen sighed, he’d better get dressed, it was one thing to piss Eddie off but he knew he couldn’t take another session with him today, enough was enough.

 Jensen stared at the closed door; he thought it was ironic that Eddie left the door open when he was chained to the post naked.  But whenever he was getting dressed or undressed Eddie closed the door.  Once Jensen had made the suggestion it was because Eddie was in the closet.   After a painful and very imaginative few hours Jensen hadn’t made that suggestion again.  The only other time the door was closed was when Preacher Morgan was with him, Jensen could live without those times as well.

He slowly pulled the shirt on relishing the meagre warmth it provided, Jensen looked sadly over at his two sodden blankets, and Eddie had been kind enough to wash those as well earlier with the hose.   So it looked like a there was a few even colder days on the horizon.  Jensen fastened the shirt; it was looser now than when he’d arrived here.  Tom had loved the way the shirt had clung to his shoulders and defined his narrow waist, now there was less of him both physically and spiritually but he would keep on fighting as long as he could.

 Jensen reached for jeans, they were washed out and comfortable, he wasn’t looking forward to trying to pull them over his feet.

  Thinking of his feet he knew he would have to look at them.  Taking a deep breath Jensen folded his left leg, every inch he moved it was excruciating, by the time it was in a position for Jensen to look at the soul of his foot; Jensen was panting and sweating with the effort. He gingerly touched the foot, it throbbed in time with his heartbeat, and he explored to see if there were any broken bones.  By some miracle the skin hadn’t split but it looked like a near thing, Jensen pulled his right leg into a similar position.

 He smiled to himself the last time he’d done this was when Tom and convinced him to try Yoga, and he surrendered after attempting the lotus position.  Jensen repeated his examination of his right foot, both feet were swollen and Jensen knew they would be badly bruised, and absolutely hell to try to either stand or walk on.  He couldn’t help the wry chuckle that escaped him; at least one part of him was warm.

 Jensen knew it was time to put his jeans on, only one thing to do.  Jensen gritted his teeth, and lifted his burning feet. Pulling his jeans on as quickly as possible, as once again fire engulfed Jensen, but he kept going the worst came when he put his feet flat on the floor to allow him to lift his hips to pull the jeans on fully.  For a few seconds the world pulsed red behind his closed eyes and he found himself on his side in a ball once more, he’d blacked out.  Fuck if it was this bad getting dressed he didn’t want to think about the walk through the church.

The door swung open and Eddie stepped inside flanked by as always by Tweedle Dumb and Dumber.  Held loosely in Eddie’s meaty fist was a pair of cuffs and a gag.  Eddie followed Jensen’s gaze. “Ya only got ya self to blame pretty, you shouldn’t upset the good folk of the congregation.”

 “What do you think upset them more Eddie, me telling them I’m not possessed or that Morgan is a lying kidnapping bastard?”  Jensen tilted his head up in defiance, Eddie handed Tweedle Dumb the cuffs, and he and Tweedle Dumber approached him.  Jensen let them pull his arms behind his back, as Eddie stepped closer; Jensen was hauled to his feet.  Only the two men holding prevented Jensen from collapsing.  Eddie lifted the gag, “Open up pretty, after all we know Demons lie, don’t they.”  

Eddie smiled as Jensen’s lips parted, Eddie forced the gag into his mouth, and it was tied with a brutal efficiency, cutting into his mouth.  Eddie stepped back, “Ok Boys you know the drill, and it’s Show Time.” 


Jared was watching the service, nothing to special was happening, it was a mish-mash of styles, he was more interested in observing Preacher Jeffrey Dean Morgan amongst his people.  Jared had been alerted to the Preacher’s arrival when Mackenzie’s expression had changed from contempt to outright hatred. 

An expectant hush fell over the gathered congregation and from his hiding place Jared heard the sound of a man walking, the footsteps were distinctive, the man walked with a slight limp and used a cane, it sounded as if he was wearing boots.  Then Jared saw Preacher Morgan for the first time.

 Jared was surprised, somehow he’d been expecting a much older man, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was an imposing figure, not much shorter than Jared, well built and muscular.  He held himself with an easy grace, there was a commanding presence that drew the eye to the man in the expensive well cut black suit.  Morgan didn’t wear a dog collar but a white shirt with the top buttons open.  His black hair and well trimmed beard were shot through with white in places, softening his appearance.  Warm brown eyes sparkled as he looked at the congregation,  he gave them a welcoming smile “Good morning my brothers and sisters, once more we are gathered together to give thanks to the lord, join me as we say the Lord’s prayer together.”  The voice was a combination of whisky rough smoothed with honey, deep and melodic.

 As the service progressed Jared noticed how Morgan held the eyes of some of the congregation after a few minutes, Jared realized he was looking at the Sherriff, Mayor, and several other local dignitaries. Morgan was almost hypnotic, he moved very little using his stillness to draw people’s attention, he was softly spoken so people had to concentrate on what he was saying, and his gestures were controlled and economical.  Overall Jared was very impressed, if he’d met the guy in a bar before Chad, Jared would’ve been very tempted.

 “Brothers and Sisters it is time once more to pray for the soul of our dear brother Jensen.”  As he spoke Morgan walked towards the Ackles family reaching out To Donna Ackles taking her hands in his.  “Today I will show you that we are making progress with the demon that torments Jensen so.”  Morgan’s face was full of sorrow as he addressed the congregation.

 Jared leaned forward slightly, progress? You either exorcised the bastards or the meat suit died, there was no in between, what the fuck was Morgan playing at.

 “I feel we are drawing to the climax of our battle for his soul, if the demon is weakening you will see injury upon Jensen as it tries to prevent him walking upon hallowed ground.”

 Jared thought what the fuck? Then his eyes swept along the congregation, some faces held horror, others excitement, and a few bordered on religious ecstasy.  Jared had a bad feeling about this, Morgan had these people in the palm of his hand, and whatever he said was the gospel truth.   

Morgan gave the Ackles family one more sympathetic smile, and then he stood in front of the lectern leaning on his cane.  “Bring our brother Jensen into the Lord’s House once more my friends.”

 Jared snorted quietly to himself at that, so they were bringing Ackles in, he would soon see if it was possession, illness or con.

 At the door to the Church Eddie was waiting, usually when Jensen was brought into church, he was dragged by the arms to prevent him from bolting.  Now Jensen understood exactly why Morgan had ordered Eddie to spring his surprise this morning.  Jensen had heard Morgan’s comment about the demon, and with the injuries to his feet, it would just reinforce what the congregation already believed.

 Eddie just smiled and pushed Jensen forward.  As Jensen took the first steps into the church, he bit down on the gag to prevent himself from screaming at the pain.  It felt as if he was walking on hot coals every step igniting fresh jolts of flame, it was as if the beating was still going on, each step felt like a fresh blow. 

 Jared heard sounds of gasps from the congregation and there was a soft exclamation or “Oh no Jensen.” From Mackenzie.  Jared decided it was worth the risk to lean out and see what the all the commotion was.  As Jared leaned forward Ackles came into view, Jared drew in a sharp breath.

 Jensen was moving mechanically now, he just wanted to be able to reach the lectern, at least he would be off his feet, admittedly he would be chained like an animal but it had to be better than the hell he was going through now.  Jensen heard Mac’s voice and he focused on it, he held onto it like a drowning man being offered a life belt to cling to.

 Up in the loft Jared watched the agonised progress as Ackles walked towards the front of the church, he was hunched over and from the way he was walking one or both feet were injured, Jared knew when Ackles heard his sister because he lifted his head.  From that second, he ceased to be Ackles or demon, it was Jensen.  Jensen’s face lifted and Jared felt his heart stutter, the face was pale, the only colour came from the material gagging him and the purple bruise like shadows under his large pain filled eyes.  Suddenly Jensen appeared to attempt to smile and Jared realized with a jolt he was trying to reassure his sister he was ok. 

 Jensen was as far from ok as it was possible to be.  Jared could see from his clothes that Jensen had lost weight, and from the way he held himself there were more injuries hidden from the congregation under that loose fitting shirt.

 Jensen was aware of whispering from those watching his walk down the aisle, there were no words of comfort just words that backed up Morgan, “Demon...see his feet...Praise our Preacher for helping that poor boy.”  Jensen kept pushing forward but his strength was failing him now, the lectern looked miles away. He took one more step and that was it, he stumbled forward he was done.

 Jared just stopped himself from crying out as Jensen started to fall, suddenly Morgan swept into action, and he threw his cane down stepped forward and caught Jensen in his arms.  Morgan cradled Jensen close to his chest holding him upright, the whispering from the congregation swelled and Jared could hear the calls to the Lord and those praising Morgan for his strength in holding Jensen.

  Jared snorted softly, if Morgan cared about the semi conscious man in his arms then the first thing he should have done was get the pressure of Jensen’s feet, not haul him up so the only his toes brushed the floor and that was when Jared was convinced that Jensen wasn’t possessed.

  Jared could see the wounds to Jensen’s feet, and if this place was a real church then Jensen’s feet would’ve been burnt to a crisp by that walk instead they looked battered and swollen.  Jared looked at Morgan’s face, the expression there was a strange mixture, to the congregation it would seem like concern, tinged with grief, but Jared caught a flash of something else and it rocked him to the core.  For a second there had been a look of pure lust crossing Morgan’s face.

 “Brother Eddie, please come here and help me if you would, we must make sure Brother Jensen is secure.”  Jared watched in disbelief as Eddie and the two men with him came forward and took Jensen from Morgan’s arms.  They then dragged him to the lectern, and then they manhandled Jensen to his knees.  One of the chains was attached to the cuffs fastening Jensen’s hands behind his back and the other was clipped to the collar hidden by the shirt. 

 Jensen began to topple forward, Mackenzie screamed in terror knowing if that happened Jensen would be choked.  The sound of his sister’s distress yanked Jensen back to his senses; he managed to pull himself back to a kneeling position.  Breathing hard Jensen raised his head and stared straight into Morgan’s eyes, defiance blazed in the green depths. 

 Where Jared was positioned he saw the looks exchanged between Preacher and Jensen. Morgan had his back to the congregation, and there was no mistaking the look he gave Jensen, the naked desire on his features flooded Jared with revulsion and looking at Jensen he felt the same as Jared.

 “Brothers and Sisters join with me as together we pray for Brother Jensen’s soul and see if we can free him of this demonic taint.”  With that Morgan gracefully sank to his knees so he was eye level with Jensen, Jared was reminded of a rattle snake confronting its prey, but Jensen refused to look away from the man who was mistreating him.

 As the prayers went on, Jared watched Jensen and Mackenzie, there seemed to be some form of silent communication going on between them, in fact Jared was pretty sure Jensen was telling her a joke a one point when she gave a little shake of the head and tried not to smile.

 Jared was amused himself by what was going on, if this was a serious exorcism, there was no way that Jensen would be gagged, simply because it was a demon’s entrance and exit point.  Jared had seen the results of a botched exorcism.  He and Chris had burst in on a group of amateurs who were reading an Exorcism ritual, they were doing quite well except for the fact they had the victim gagged. Every hunter knew you didn’t do that.  Before they could reach the victim the demon had tried to escape via the mouth, but the gag had prevented it. That meant it taken him and Chris a couple of hours to clean the guys brains off the wall, after the demon had taken the poor bastards head apart as it had left the building so to speak.

 A half hour of prayers, and a couple of hymns later and Morgan stood facing the congregation once more. “Brothers and Sisters we have done well today, as you can see the demon is loosening its grip and I’m sure that we will be victorious, I will remain with Brother Jensen and continue to pray for him alone.  May the Lord be with you.” As one the congregation responded “And also with you.”  People began to file out of the church, leaving the Ackles family behind.

  Mackenzie looked as if she was going to speak but Jensen slightly shook his head, Mackenzie lowered her eyes, just as she turned to leave she spoke to her brother “Bye Jensen....I’ll see you next week... I promise.”  Her eyes filled with tears and she fled the building, Morgan watched her go impassively, he turned his attention to Donna and Alan “I’m sorry you had to witness you son’s pain today, but if you remain strong he will be home soon.

“Alan I understand your grief but I’m so glad you told me about your son and his unnatural desire for men, once he came here to me I saw the demon and I knew I could release him from this curse.  You did the right thing Alan, and believe me when I say I will take the best of care of him.”  As he said this he turned from Alan and looked at Jensen, and once more desire and hunger appeared on his face.  Alan nodded, he looked past Morgan at his imprisoned son, who was pleading with his eyes to a father who had betrayed him, “I’m sorry son, I truly am, but the Preacher has shown me this is the right path, I know you’ll forgive me once this is over.”  With that Alan turned and followed the rest of his family.

 Jensen slumped in his bonds, he been hopping that his dad would see just what Morgan was doing, and that his he had been conned.  Just then Eddie appeared Morgan spoke to him, “Eddie will you fetch me what I want to show Jensen please.”  Eddie nodded and walked out.

 Morgan turned round to look down at the man on his knees, “Jensen it’s time we finally talked properly about why you’re here.”  With that he walked towards Jensen standing in front of him.

  Jared was watching what was happening he wondered should he intervene. No not yet he needed to understand what the hell was going on. Jared noticed that Morgan was no longer limping, but moving with an effortless grace, his unease grew.

 Morgan knelt down and reached towards Jensen’s face,   Jensen flinched slightly as Morgan moved “I’m going to remove the gag that’s all, surely that would be better.” Morgan stopped and stared at Jensen “My god, the fire in your eyes, I admire that, it’s what makes you so special Jensen.   Even now your spirit is still strong.”   Morgan smiled as he undid the gag, his thumb brushing across the cracked, full lips.

 Jared clenched his fists, he knew he had to stay still but it was killing him, watching Morgan run his hands over Jensen while he was helpless and unable to fight back.  Morgan stood and went to the Lectern.  There was a bottle of water there, and he poured a glass took a drink from it, and then Morgan took the glass to offer to Jensen.

 At first Jensen refused the water clamping his lips closed, “Now Jensen there’s no need for this, I know you had nothing to eat or drink yesterday, please you need to drink.”  The request was made in a sympathetic tone; Jensen’s shoulders slumped as he parted his lips to drink. 

 Morgan edged closer placing a hand on Jensen’s shoulder, the touch made Jensen splutter, causing water to run down his chin.  Morgan gently wiped the water away caressing Jensen’s neck as he went.  Jensen finished the drink and Morgan stood and walked to a chair, he pulled it in front of Jensen and sat down.

 “I wonder what it is about my presence that unnerves you so Jensen. I have never raised a hand to you in violence, nor have I ever touched you inappropriately, would you rather I threw you to the ground and fucked you against your will? Morgan’s tone was reasonable even hurt by the way Jensen looked at him.

 “Well as much as I find your kind offer of sex here in the church interesting I’ll have to say no, on grounds you’re a sick fuck and I wouldn’t touch you if you were the last man on earth.”  Jensen’s voice was a husky rasp, the combination of the gag and lack of water making it cracked and raw.   Morgan was relaxed in the chair, laughing at Jensen as if this display of fire was the most amusing thing he ever heard.

 “Jensen, there comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to settle down and find someone to share his life with.  When I arrived in this lovely town the people made me feel so at home I knew this was where I was meant to be.  They have helped me set up this church and build my home and they made me feel like family, and in return I have given them spiritual guidance they turn to me whenever they are in need.  So I felt it was only right to settle down with someone from this place.”

  Jensen looked at Morgan in disbelief as he spoke, what kind of power trip was Morgan on? He really wanted to just cry but he’d see Morgan in hell before he did that.

 The church doors opened.  Eddie walked towards them. And Jensen saw what he was carrying, it was the metal box, Jensen had really hoped it was going to be a strap or flogger not that. There was a sense of dread attached to that plain metal box, sometimes when Morgan would sit and stare at Jensen in his cell he would fetch that box from the cabinet and place it on the floor between them. 

 Jensen had always wondered what was in there and now today it looked as if he was going to find out.  Eddie handed the box over to Morgan, “Eddie, I’ll come and fetch you when it’s time to return Jensen to his room.”  With that Eddie was dismissed and Jensen was left to face Morgan alone.

 Up in the loft Jared’s frustration and helplessness grew. He wanted nothing more to just swoop down (Kane would love that) and rescue Jensen, but Jared understood there were pieces to this puzzle missing and he needed all the information before acting.

 “Where was I? Oh yes settling down. There were several very promising candidates, who sadly for one reason or another fell by the wayside.  Then I saw the perfect person. Beautiful, intelligent, strong willed.  In fact I spent a great deal of time with the family, getting to know them, and the young person in question began to talk about their older brother, how amazing he was, and I had to admit my interest was piqued.”  Morgan paused, placing the box on the floor between them once more.

 “Mackenzie is a beautiful young woman Jensen, and she was very nearly my chosen companion, but I decided to wait and meet her older brother, and I’m so very happy I did wait.  When you arrived to visit your parents you simply took my breath away.  You embody everything I have searched for. There have been others but in comparison to you they were poor substitutes.”

 Silence reigned, Jared felt sick he was watching Jensen, Jensen looked as if he’d been punched in the gut on hearing this, “You leave my sister alone you fucking bastard.”  Jensen began to struggle, but he was no match for the chains that held him in place.

 Morgan had stood up, forcing Jensen to look up at him; he took his jacket off, and unfastened his shirt cuffs before rolling his sleeves up. “I feel I’m to blame for this situation, I have been lax in training you.  You see Jensen you will come to welcome my touch, you belong to me now.”

 If I had kept faith with Mackenzie as my companion, I would have had time to prepare her new home properly and take the relationship slowly.  But once I saw you I just knew you were the one I’ve waited for.  Sadly with the time constraints posed by you only being here over Christmas I have been forced into this rash action.”

 Jensen’s head was spinning what new home? What struck Jensen was how matter of fact Morgan was about all of this, he found his voice. “Don’t you think people will notice I’ve gone? After all I’m the star of the show, hell we should take it out on tour...”  Jensen’s voice shook a little as he spoke but he smirked up at Morgan remaining as defiant as possible.

 Morgan’s warm laugh echoed once more round the church, “That’s why I love small towns; it’s so easy to influence the right people.  Take your poor father for instance, he was so keen to believe that he could save his son from being gay he would rather believe you were possessed by a demon.  You yourself helped by never coming out to your parents, I’m sorry to say but your sister confided in me. She explained that is why you lost your boyfriend and you were finally coming out to your parents this visit.  You should be proud of who you are Jensen, you are extraordinary, and have nothing to be ashamed of.”  Morgan paused looking round the church before continuing.

 “You see Jensen, at today’s service I planted the seed the demon is weakening. And in a misguided attempt to set you free I will attempt to exorcise you, but you will overpower me and you will escape. I will appear in church next Sunday a little battered, and very contrite.  The sheriff will search for you but by the time I raise the alarm you will be miles away.” 

 Jensen reeled at this, shit he had to try and escape somehow, “Hey Morgan If you like I could beat the crap out of you, so it looks real.”  Morgan’s smile turned dark, “Don’t worry about that Jensen, I have made arrangements for that.”

 In the loft Jared realized he couldn’t just snatch Jensen, the way Morgan spoke if he were to grab Jensen now and run they would be hunted, and the state Jensen was in there was no way he’d be able to run for the truck.  To make matters worse Jared would either have hurt or kill Morgan, although the way he felt it wouldn’t pose a problem.  But if the town’s people thought Jensen was still possessed and had hurt their beloved Preacher, at best he would face prison, at worst in Texas lynch justice would be swift and brutal.  Jared realized he would have to watch this play out and then make plans with Jim and Chris.

 Down in the church Jensen was once more starring at the box, “I know you are wondering what the box contains Jensen, you’ll soon find out, but first it’s time for you to begin your training.  I need to know that I have made the right choice.”

  With that Morgan began to slowly approach Jensen.  Jensen froze in place, he knew there was no place for him to go, the chains restricted movement and with his feet he couldn’t even stand to try and defend himself.

 When Morgan was stood right in front of Jensen he reached out and ran his fingers through the light brown hair brushing it off his forehead.  “I like your hair now it’s getting a little longer; it frames your face so well.”  Morgan suddenly changed the gentle stroking to a brutal grip. 

 Morgan stroked down the front of his pants, and Jensen saw the twitch of the cock as blood began to fill it and it started to harden.  “No one else will ever get to touch you like this again Jensen, even Eddie will no longer be allowed to see you.  I will become everything to you, you will depend on me for food, warmth and comfort, and I am a generous man.  I will provide all that and more but you must learn to obey me.”

 Morgan unzipped his files, his semi erect cock held in his hand, he pulled Jensen’s head back “now Jensen you will take me in your mouth, don’t even think about biting me, I may still consider Mackenzie.”  The voice was low and seductive; Morgan ran his now fully erect cock along Jensen’s lips.

  Jensen closed his eyes swallowed hard and opened his mouth.  Morgan gave a triumphant smile; he thrust forward hardly giving Jensen time to adjust to the intrusion.  Morgan cupped the back of Jensen’s head threading his fingers painfully in his hair and slowly began to thrust.  Jensen was desperate to breathe as Morgan brushed the back of his throat.  Jensen relaxed as best he could he had no choice. He began to work the cock in his mouth, if he had to endure this then he could finish it as quickly as possible.

 Morgan threw back his head groaning at the sensations Jensen’s mouth was producing “Fuck me you’re better at this than I thought, that’s it my Angel.” Morgan gave a vicious thrust and tears formed in Jensen’s eyes.  One tear spilled down his cheek it fell onto Morgan’s other hand.  Morgan stilled his movements picking the hand up and bringing it to his lips as if he was about to taste the teardrop. “No...Not yet I have all the time in the world to taste all of you.”

  As Morgan spoke Jensen pulled back a little and worked the head of his cock using his tongue to press against the sensitive glands there, the effect was instant.  Morgan stiffened and gripped Jensen’s head tighter, he came with a shout.  Jensen’s worked him through the aftershock of the orgasm; Morgan released his head, and then gently wiped away the tears on Jensen’s cheeks.

 Morgan was smiling as he put away his now flaccid cock.  “There I told you, you would come to appreciate my touch Jensen you’ve done well, I will reward you for this.” 

 Jensen starred at Morgan hate blazing in his eyes. Suddenly he spat a mouthful of come all over Morgan’s pants.  “Fuck you, Morgan, you want a sex toy buy a blow up doll, and I swear you go near Mac I’ll kill you.”  Jensen’s voice was wrecked with emotion and rawness from the abuse Morgan had inflicted. 

Morgan looked down at the mess on his pants; him pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned himself up.  He sat down on the chair and leant forward. Morgan reached for the box, he placed it on his lap, and from round his neck he produced a key.

   “Look if these are your collection of butt plugs I’ll pass, and I don’t do studied Leather underwear it chafes something nasty.”  Jensen’s voice shook but he was trying to boost what was left of his courage.

 In silence Morgan opened the box; Jensen’s blood froze at what he saw inside.  It was lined with a deep purple material and nestling in its folds were a plain metal collar and two wide wrist cuffs with rings were chains could be attached. “As you can see Jensen there is no lock, they will be welded in place, so I had to be sure I had finally found the right person.”   Morgan closed the box. 

“You know Jensen; I find it insulting the way Eddie calls you pretty.  He cannot see the beauty you possess, the strength you’ve shown me means I have made the right choice you’re perfect.  I see myself as an artist Jensen.  Someone like Da Vinci or Michelangelo, both men understood beauty.  Michelangelo sculptured David as the height of male beauty, but he never met you my Angel you will be my David, my masterpiece.”   With that Morgan stood up, looking down on Jensen, his head bowed shoulders slumped in defeat.

 “It’s your spirit Jensen that makes you beautiful, I don’t want to crush it, but you need to learn your place.   But once you are in your new home.  I will soon teach you to understand, and don’t worry you won’t be moving far.  In fact you will still be able to see your family when I allow it.  The house has a wonderful basement and now it’s nearly ready for you.  I have been very patient as I want it to be perfect for you, so tomorrow I’m making a trip to Dallas to collect the final touches.” 

“As long as it’s not pink or frilly, I hate fussy furniture.”  Jensen had lifted his eyes to meet Morgan’s. Jensen felt like giving up, just letting Morgan do whatever he wanted to him.  But Jensen was worried that if he surrendered then Morgan would go after Mackenzie, so for her sake he’d fight as long as possible. 

Morgan smiled tenderly at Jensen, “That’s it my Angel, you fight, your spirit burns so bright, I never want to see that flame go out. I think it’s time for you to get some rest. I’ll fetch Eddie to take you back to your room.” As he spoke Morgan cupped Jensen’s face in his hand, his thumb brushing gently across his swollen lips. 

Morgan let go of Jensen’s face and walked away, pausing only to retrieve his cane. As his footsteps faded Jensen heard a movement up in the loft and he looked up. 

Jared had never felt so helpless and heartbroken while he watched events unfold beneath him.  He watched as Morgan had outlined a life of living hell for Jensen, but what had sickened him most was the calm manner in which it had been delivered.  Jared had wanted so badly to override the hunter within him and just grab Jensen and fight his way out, but instead he’d sat and suffered with Jensen in silence.  

Now the two sides of Jared were at war, the hunter demanded that Jared remained hidden until he could talk to Jim and plan a proper rescue, but for the first time in a long while the compassionate side of Jared which he thought he‘d buried with Chad surfaced.  Jared couldn’t just leave Jensen down there with no hope, only seeing a future filled with pain and humiliation.  When Morgan had walked away, Jared had seized his chance.  Jared edged forward so he was visible to anyone looking up and he made a noise.

 In the silence of  Morgan’s departure the small noise had resounded like a gunshot through the church and Jensen automatically looked up.  His jaw dropped there was a man up there, his face a mask of grief.  The man moved further into the light and Jensen could make out he was crying.  The last thing even now Jensen wanted was to see anyone upset.  

 Then the man mouthed something..... It looked like...Help....Soon...Promise.  For the first time in what felt like forever Jensen felt hope, he didn’t know who the man was, and fuck he could even be hallucinating he didn’t care.  All Jensen knew he wanted to reassure the guy, so he responded....I’m Ok, he offered the man the same reassuring smile he given Mac earlier.

 Jared sat in the loft and he offered what measly comfort he could to Jensen, showing him he wasn’t alone, and that was when he tried to communicate with him. Those few words he mouthed so carefully hopping that Jensen understood.  Jensen’s expressive face was an open book so easy to read.  First there was despair, then shock, hope and finally a comforting reassurance and the words I’m Ok. What the fuck? Why was Jensen offering him comfort, then Jared touched his face shocked at finding it wet with tears, he was amazed he didn’t think he was capable of crying anymore.

 Jared heard the sound of Morgan returning, he quietly dropped flat, he was no longer concerned with breaking the salt circle.  The last he’d seen of Jensen was as he stared straight ahead at the approaching threat.

 “Ah the gang’s all here then.”  Jensen noted as Morgan, Eddie and Tweedle Dumb and Dumber stood in front of him. Jensen ‘s fighting spirit had returned, just knowing that someone was there to help  was enough, how was another matter, just knowing was enough for now. 

“Eddie please take Jensen back to his room, and can you ensure that Jensen is comfortable.” The words were laced with meaning, Eddie smiled and nodded.  Tweedle Dumb and Dumber came forward unhooking the chains from Jensen’s collar and handcuffs, he sagged forward in relief, relief which was short lived as he was hauled to his feet.  Jensen bit his lip to stop the yell of pain as his feet were bathed in fire once more.

 “Come on boys let’s get pretty out of here, I know just how to make sure you are gonna get a nice restful night.”   Eddie had stepped in close to Jensen as he made his promise, and with that Jensen was dragged from the church.

 Morgan watched the men depart, and he turned back to the cross.  “Thank you dear Lord for your kind gift of Jensen and the sweet gullibility of this town, I hope to be able to enjoy both for many years to come.” Morgan’s mocking words died away, and he turned away from the cross, he retrieved the metal box from where he left it, and walked out.

 As the doors of the church closed and locked Jared lay in the silence, his mind whirling with what he’d seen and heard.  He pulled his phone from his pocket and fired off a text to Jim, it was to the point, it told the older hunter to meet Jared at the truck and the co-ordinates where to find it.

Seconds later Jared’s phone vibrated and the screen lit up with a one word response...

 Bad? Jared sent one more text.

 Yes... with that Jared replaced his phone and waited.

 Jared waited for an hour before he felt it was safe enough to leave the church.  Once again the lock posed no problem and Jared soon locked the door behind him.  He stood by the door still torn, should he just fight his way in and rescue Jensen?  Steal the Preacher’s truck and get the hell out of town.  Jared knew if he did that Jensen would be running forever, and there was no way he would do that to a man who had been through so much.  Jensen deserved his freedom and to be able to enjoy that freedom without spending his life looking over his shoulder.

 Jared silently walked away from the church, a slow and easy pace, as if he were out for a Sunday stroll, but once he was out of sight of the buildings he picked up his pace.  When he had walked there this morning, he had been careful.  Now Jared moved as if he was being chased by a of pack hell hounds.

 In the gathering twilight Jared stumbled and slipped, the fading light urging him on, unable to shake Jensen’s haunted face from his mind, his impending fate weighing heavily on Jared.  There was no way his was leaving Jensen there to suffer.  He hadn’t been able to save Chad but he be damned if he let Jensen down.  Finally Jared ran into the clearing where his truck was parked, there parked alongside it was Jim’s truck and inside it Jim and Chris were waiting for him.

 Chris leapt out of the passenger side, running towards Jared.  Jared slipped once more and Chris managed to catch him, as he sagged in the smaller hunter’s arms he heard Jim climb out of the truck. 

“Jesus fuck, sasquatch the way you ran in here, ya look like you’ve met the devil himself.”

 Jared looked down into Chris sapphire eyes and whispered brokenly “I have.”

 Chapter 4


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  • Back to earth with a thump!

    Today has been a study in contrasts for me, let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'm sure some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes…

  • Wish me luck!

    I'm off for my first vaccine jab today! The first step on the road to normalcy...or in my case normalish 😂😂😂

  • A musical interlude

    I found this on twitter and I thought I'd share it with you. Also I'm posting this on my phone, looks like in finally joining the twenty first…