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I'm a little pissed off!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, please excuse this little drive by spleen vent.  I was scribbling away at my story, but  I feel the urge to whinge.Earlier today while sat at work it was after five O'clock, and I was waiting for my friend's husband to come and fetch us.  The poor girl broke her pelvis earlier this year and she still can't drive, well as I was saying. I was sitting playing about on the net, when I decided to drop by my journal and see what was happening.

Except I couldn't look at my journal, why? Because the buggers where I work, have gone and installed Norton DNS. It's flagged Live Journal as a pornography site! I am beyond pissed, this is the second time they've pulled this shit without telling anyone.  The first time they installed a spy program that can what's on your screen at any given moment, which resulted in an official warning for yours truly that stayed on my personnel file for six months. That was also done without informing the staff they were going to install the soft wear and monitor us.

Now I know why this has happened but still they have not informed us of this new internet measure. I'm just sick to the back teeth of them doing this kind of thing, if I write at work it's strictly during my half hour lunch break or after five. I even have a USB stick so nothing remains on my PC, also I get a cold sweat if I even think about writing porn.

But what really gets under my skin, was after my little run in with big brother. I was moved from my little out of the way corner pod, and sat like a naughty child opposite a director's office so he can look at my screen whenever he walks past. It's such a shame all he sees is work, or my home made screen saver filled with pictures of Jensen and Jared.

I'm sorry for stropping but it's wound me up, I can appreciate why it's happened but once again we weren't told It just feels as if it's been laid as a trap. Hell my mate (the boss) was all for going in, and asking what they were bloody playing at.  Until I found out what Norton DNS is.  But she's still steaming that no one was told, even her.

Now I feel a little better, I'll let you get back to your evening.

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