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A New Year dawns!

Friends, Romans, Fl*ters! Salutations and happy new year to you all!  Yes, ok I know I’m late but whenever have you known me be on time for anything?

How are we all? I hope 2014 is treating you well thus far, now I bet you’re all wondering exactly why I’m disturbing your evening, night, morning, whatever time of day it is where you are. It’s simply that time when I look both back and forward to what I would like to achieve in the next twelve months.

Let’s get one thing straight right off, me and New Year’s resolutions, not happening. I don’t keep them for more than three days, unless it’s to do with Jensen or Dean, and figuring ways to get him naked. Then I have the patience of a bloody saint!

For a start I’m going to resurrect State of the Dragon, where I babble on endlessly about the stuff I’m writing, the stuff I’m not writing and the stuff I really should be writing *cough Fic O Doom cough*

So with that in mind let’s see what I’ve actually got on going and word counts.....

Of Course there is the Fic O Doom, and after popping over to AO3 I discovered the ruddy thing is over 140,000.00 words long and still isn’t finished! So I downloaded it and read the thing from start to finish (sort of) and I’m pleased to say my writing has actually gotten better over the years (Thank god for that) Bur now I must finish it and if anyone actually wants I will be writing timestamps.

Also my other long standing Fic Acolyte0301, no word count but I will be visiting it again, because I hate leaving things unfinished.

Now onto WIPS and god you should see the list...

Ok let’s start with the Reverse Big Bang challenge piece, right due to the fact I’m a pillock I had to drop out.  But I will carry on with the story and hopefully if encouraged I will finish it.

Then of course there is the legend that is the Dragon transformation Fic, oh ye gods that is now at 12000 or so words and has ground to a halt.

Plus the cracky little wonder, Wednesday night down at the Anti Christ’s is nearly 11000 words. I really must finish that one, I kind of like it.

I also started my first Sam/Dean and before I even slowed down, I had over 4000 words and it’s all set in the ruins of Detroit.  Where I have a wounded, possibly dying Dean (with wings) and a very pissed Sam.  I think this might have to go back to the drawing board and start again; otherwise we’re talking bloody epic again.

There is the J2 stripper Fic from somer prompt that’s over 3000 words I should finish.

I’m also considering trying to finish something on my H/C bingo card!

Now I have another couple of stories trying to hatch......

A simple Supernatural case Fic, involving vampires, a male strip club, and Dean Pole dancing to Like a Prayer, while dressed as a priest! So nothing too kinky there then.

Also my new shiny pairing, John Sheppard/Ronon Dex I want to write a little fluffy coda to the episode Doppelganger. Ok Ronon doesn’t actually do fluffy, but you get my drift.

So there they are the usual suspects, and that’s before I look at the countless others that have stalled after a paragraph or so.

Seriously I need help; yes I know it’s been said before.  I just want to encourage my muse to behave, and I must learn to manage my time a little better. So I can cause mischief and still manage to write.

So to conclude, looking back I started loads of Fics, but finished very few and that’s something I want to change this year.

So if anyone feels like offering encouragement, or kicks up the ass please feel free.

I just intend to have fun, enjoy all the pretty out there, oh and actually finish some of the above, and probably start some new stories.  After all so many pretty boys, so little time!

Happy New Year Folks!
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