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Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough Not To Care

Growing old is compulsary...Growing up is optional.

17 May
Nathan banner

Thanks to milly_gal for this gorgeous banner.

I feel the time has come to update the Bio. I'm ever so slightly obsessed with Supernatural and Jensen Ackles, although I wouldn't throw Jared Padalecki out of bed for farting if it came to it.

I'm a Fan-Fic reader and sometime writer of bad Fan Fic, and above all else I'm an unashamed geek! if it's got ghosts, monsters, vampires or the words Sci-fi attached you got me at hello.

I also have a soft spot for crime shows, and sadly I can no longer watch CSI Miami without rolling the floor laughing after Supernatural was finished with it.

Also I'm in love with the TV show Leverage, it's fast paced, exciting and the appeal can be summed up in two words...Christian Kane!

Yes I'm a letch and I have no shame in admitting that either, so if I were you I'd run now.